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Verda - "Kissing Frogs" - Matchbox Recordings


From Verda

"Singing is something I've always wanted to do, but only dreamed of, I just never had the confidence to do it before now. I entered the competition after being sent a link for it from a colleague of mine who had heard me sing saying I saw this and thought of you! The audition date in Newcastle was 3 days later so I didn't even think there would be places left. The competition was very steep and I was so nervous as all the other competitors were professional singers or had done some sort of performance degree/course so I was amazed when I made it through to the live shows, and to then be talent spotted at the semi final, was just amazing! I actually nearly didn't make it to the semi-final due to ill health, but as I had got through on the Wildcard vote, where the general public vote, I didn't want to let everyone supporting me down so was determined to perform. I had to change my whole performance at the last minute to make it easier for me to perform that night. I am very glad I did!"

"When I started working with BGM/Major Music I had never written songs other than messing about with lyrics and music when I was younger, so wasn't sure I would be able to do it. I think the fact that I am older and have many life experiences has made it surprisingly easy for me to write and has enabled me to write songs which I feel everyone can relate to"'

"Now, I can't imagine myself doing anything different, I just love everything about singing and song writing. I can't believe it has taken me this long to discover what I really love doing!"

"It's been really hard work, and costly, over the last 12 months, traveling between Sunderland and London every other week to work with my vocal coach and producer, attending seminars, performing at select gigs in London and surrounding areas as well as in the North East, whilst trying to maintain a full time job. It has all been worth it as I am really pleased with the outcome of my EP. I have had some wonderful feedback from the select performances that I have done so far and I can't wait to get it out there for everyone to listen to!'

"The EP, Therapy, is a journey of emotions. Although the songs all have my stamp on them, I think they all bring something totally different to the collection. I wanted the listener to have a variety of songs to listen to, to engage them, which matches my own eclectic taste in music."



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