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Vibonacci and Starward "Rampage" Intonenation (Future House)

Tracks 10.05.2018 WAVs


FUTURE HOUSE - PROGRESSIVE HOUSE - Building on their solid remix history Vibonacci & Starward release the deeply energizing tech infused “Rampage!” Stewing in its own enraged saturation, the original mix makes inventive use distortion as a part of its main theme. Opening with a rolling techno rhythm track the bass riff builds into a suspense filled breakdown. Atmospheric vocal chops and stirring melodies build towards a reprise of the beat with an edgier bass-line as the song evolves with an impassioned purpose. Raising once more through a more melodic breakdown the bass reprise brings a new level of angst and the riot begins again. Who needs therapy when you can “Rampage!”

Vibonacci n Starward - Rampage 
(Edit 4A - 126 Future House.mp3
Vibonacci n Starward - Rampage 
(Edit 4A - 126 Future House.wav

Vibonacci n Starward - Rampage 
(MASiiVO Remix 4A 124 Future House.mp3
Vibonacci n Starward - Rampage 
(MASiiVO Remix) - 4A - 124 Future House.wav

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Vibonacci n Starward - Rampage (MASiiVO Remix 4A 124 Future House

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