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Zoned Out - White Rabbit (Promo only) Woodstock 50th (Club House)



Woodstock 50th anniversary this weekend (15-18th August 1969) a tribute! 50 years ago outside New York City in a dairy farm in Bethnal some of the world’s biggest artist celebrated with a reported audience of 1/2 a million people the ideals of Love Peace & Music. Jim Shaft Ryan (Miss Moneypenny's & Chuff Chuff) with Ian Wallman (B15 Project) collaborate under their Zoned Out production project to create a tribute to one of the big stars of the Woodstock festival. A remix of Jefferson Airplane’s "White Rabbit" with the amazing Grace Slick.

Maybe it’s time to re-embrace those simple ideals of Peace, Love and Music over the cultural destruction of years of coming together. Woodstock was attended by young women and men of many many different racial backgrounds unified together by their love for music with a Government bent on drafting the best of them in the face-losing Vietcong conflict, they rebelled - Woodstock blew a tsunami through the media then. Woke up a generation to what was being done to their futures. The US and the world was never the same again - 2020 needs the same attention somehow, someway... Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock knowing that music can make a better world. 

Nice work Zoned Out for delivering something to celebrate via the dancefloor..

Zoned Out - White Rabbit (Club Mix 11A - 128) Club House



Zoned Out - White Rabbit (Club Mix 11A - 128 Club House

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