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Tracks - Alternative

Djuno - No Glass Falls-Howling (Alt-Rock Anthems)

Tracks Alternative, ROCK - 18.12.2018
Djuno - No Glass Falls-Howling (Alt-Rock Anthems) TWO ALT-INDIE ROCK ANTHEMS IN THE WAITING - "NO GLASS FALLS" & "HOWLING" - WAVs & MP3's - Freakin idiot I am, I've been sitting on these two songs after a huge transAtlantic return then tonight they have just EXPLODED in my head - I know what I like in Rock music old or new, was into The War On Drugs with their Lost In The Dream album, now Grammy known. These two Djuno recordings are as tightly-spun as the world is now socially, full of tension, melancholy, fearfully hopeful it can move past 2020 without its vision impaired for the future by raging old lunatics. "Hold me hold me" she implores on "No Glass Falls" as the guitars lick-up a storm of distorted melodies. "Your howling for someone to hold you", yes internally those born circa 2000 are "Howling" inside - the planet's "Howling" from the oceans to the Amazon. Put your headphones on and inject into a maelstrom of magic. Djuno from Southampton, a year into their journey, are like U2 and Nirvana at their early best, hungry and full of unbridled axis splitting energy.

Paul Deighton - Whisky Boys and Rock N Roll - Mighty Moog Recs (Tech House)

Tracks Alternative - 02.03.2018
Paul Deighton - Whisky Boys and Rock N Roll - Mighty Moog Recs (Tech House) ALTERNATIVE TECHNO - TECH HOUSE - Whisky Boys and Rock n Roll, written by Paul Deighton thunders through with old school electro flavours, genre defining breaks and beats and one hell of a dirty synth line. The exploding chorus line and quirky vocals are delivered by Sara Petterson. The remix hits the modern Tech House genre as iKOST, from Georgia, goes deeper and groovier with his unique imprint.

Florence and The Machine - Queen of Peace (Promo Remixes)

Tracks #CLUB HOUSE, Alternative, REMIX - 16.11.2017
Florence and The Machine - Queen of Peace (Promo Remixes) CLUB HOUSE - Two versions of Ranny's Epic 2017 remixes of the Florence and The Machine classic "Queen Of Peace" - heard this the other night and thought that the mixes should be out on Kings for your shows this weekend, enjoy. Great work Ranny.

The Lincoln Experience - Corinthian - MOEC Recs (Indie Alternative Vocal)

Tracks Alternative, Independent - 29.10.2017
The Lincoln Experience - Corinthian - MOEC Recs (Indie Alternative Vocal) The pursuit of new requires inventiveness. As a DJ playing funk, soul, house & hip hop I often couldn't feature Prince's new releases in my sets because of the differing rhythm structure and electric guitars he used but look how that body of work has long outlasted most of the other music I could play. That's how new paths are laid for the next generation. Artists being brave enough to record what beats from their heart. The Lincoln Experience - Corinthian on MOEC Records is one such example. It won't feature on a lot of your sets but to some it be essential and that's the reason for explaining this campaign as so, to find its friends.

Flaunt - Vows - Nub Music (Dan Thomas Vocal Remix)

Tracks #ELECTRONIC LOUNGE, Alt Pop, Alternative, KINGS RECOMMENDED - 20.07.2017
Flaunt - Vows - Nub Music (Dan Thomas Vocal Remix) FLAUNT "VOWS" (DAN THOMAS REMIX) - FOR THOSE WHO LIKE - CHAINSMOKERS, THE 1975, - US hit band Flaunt's new single is a remix of "Vows" - the opening track from their new album Spectra which is out now on Nub Music via ADA/Warners. The track "Vows" has been remixed by the UK's super discovery of 2017, Dan Thomas, (aka) Dan Boots/Stereojackers. Dan who has remixed and re-produced for the likes of Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, ATB, singing DJ sensation JES in the US and latest UK star Reiss Harrison, takes his remix into a West Coast radio vocal direction to enhance what was already Flaunt's most cross-over song on their glorious 2017 "Spectra" album which has gained support from Edith Bowman at Virgin Radio in the UK and is one of the HMV Records Shop's Recommended Albums of the month.