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Tracks - Electronic

Grafton Primary - The Silence EP - So Solid Recs (Electronic)

Tracks #ELECTRONIC LOUNGE, Electronic, KINGS RECOMMENDED - 25.08.2017
Grafton Primary - The Silence EP - So Solid Recs (Electronic) CLUB DANCE - 2017 ELECTRONICA - THINK DEPECHE MODE -and you'll know exactly how this EP, "The Silence" sounds from Grafton Primary with four songs superbly crafted around a fusion of electronic and analogue tracks. The stand out for me personally is "Peace In Our Time" because of its instantaneous attention grabbing melodic riff around the sentiments of the song. The "Lovers Are Strangers" song at 123 bpm creates an excellent journey of rhythm, melody and song, "The Shore" goes deep into its weave, pulling you into its purpose around 1:30 and holding. The title track "The Silence" begins on a hook melody panning left to right before the 101 bpm groove kicks in and sounds like something Depeche would be proud of. Recommended by Kings...

Thaea - Silence - Continuous Cool (Trance)

Tracks #CLUB DANCE, #TRANCE, Electronic - 31.05.2017
Thaea - Silence - Continuous Cool (Trance) TRANCE - ELECTRONIC CLUB - Produced by Mucho-Morbo and remixed by Camilo Fort, a DJ/Producer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, "SILENCE" by Thaea is a 2017 update of the original by Delirium with Sarah Mclachlan. Putting all preconceptions aside and listening with fresh ears for the summer with a total new audience around the world the Camilo Fort mixes stand up as does Thaea's vocal too especially at 3:30 before it drives into the home straight. The Original Mix, produced by Mucho-Morbo, has a kicking track built around the vocal too. Thaea is a multifaceted artist with a voice to match. She’s set apart by her ability to write and perform in any and every genre, from full-on operatic soprano to dance-club diva. RECOMMENDED BY KINGS

Xander Ace - Give It Up - Jango Music (2017 Classic)

Tracks Electro Club, Electro Pop, Electronic, KINGS RECOMMENDED - 02.05.2017
Xander Ace - Give It Up - Jango Music (2017 Classic) ELECTRONIC POP CLASSIC FOR 2017 - Here's an early sneak at a May 26th release on French label Jango Music with their fabulous release "Give It Up" by Xander Ace who delivers a fantastic vocal performance on this declaration of love to his intended. Superb video too. Hopefully before the release date we'll have the remixes for you to blast to your dancefloors, meanwhile put some radio 'air' under "Give It Up" on the radio you Kings of future hits. PROUDLY CROWNED BY KINGS.

Nathassia - Light of the World (album sampler) Future Dub-Lounge-DnB

Tracks Drum and Bass, Electronic, Electronic Dub, Future Dub, Future Lounge - 27.04.2017
Nathassia - Light of the World (album sampler) Future Dub-Lounge-DnB FUTURE DUB, DRUM N BASS, FUTURE LOUNGE, ELECTRO CLUB, ELECTRONIC DUB - On the brink of her first full show on May 5th in London, Nathassia, whom we've adored on Kings from her first releases for her ability to step out amazingly to her own music path, releases her debut album "Light Of The World" on Inter-Dimensional Recordings. Audaciously crafted electronica at its best, produced by Grammy award winning writer/producer Bruce Elliott-Smith, with a unique vocal style, a mix of East and West just like her. Ten extraordinary poignant songs about the dark and light mysteries that influence the world around us. Here are 6 tracks to present to your audiences as a glimpse into the future world 2018 and beyond from the super talented Nathassia truly a Light of the World. Recommended by Kings of Spins..

SICKICK - No Games Sick Music (Electronic Pop)

Tracks Electro Club, Electro Pop, Electronic - 12.04.2017
SICKICK - No Games Sick Music (Electronic Pop) ELECTRONIC 100bpm POP - SICKICK is a Toronto-based hiphop x dance music artist known for his masked appearance. His fanbase is growing rapidly, with 15M+ views on YouTube and a social reach of more than 200k. He opened for Drake last year and has collaborated with several big-name artists. His Jason Derulo mashup went magically viral last August. He wears the iconic Sickick mask at every performance and every public appearance, as his way of protesting stereotypes in the music industry. But behind the mask is a multi-faceted artist and instrumentalist with a unique vocal tone and serious production talent.

BLYNE ft Melisa Whiskey - Maybe Now - Blyne Music (Electronic)

Tracks Electro Club, Electro Pop, Electronic - 11.04.2017
BLYNE ft Melisa Whiskey - Maybe Now - Blyne Music (Electronic) UNIQUELY BRILLIANT MELANCHOLIC 105 bpm ELECTRONIC POP - GERMAN NEWCOMER: BLYNE DROP THEIR DEBUT SINGLE "MAYBE NOW“ - BLYNE is a new music project by a young and experienced producing duo based in Berlin. With "Maybe Now“ they drop their first single in collaboration with the London singer/songwriter Melisa Whiskey. It is released on their own corresponding and recently founded label BLYNE Music. This heart-breaking yet encouraging song comes right in time for all those who swiftly slip into past summer melancholy and might leave you with a bunch of mixed feelings reminding you of your own personal tragedies in the past. The melancholic single proofs that you can emerge from such a personal crisis stronger than before and almost works like a therapy for broken relationships. The sensitively arranged song structure with its deep and mellow verses backed by a dancy and uplifting hook definitely shows that we can expect a lot more from BLYNE in the near future.

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