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Tracks - #Reggae

Eljuri - Resiste-Una Ola (Reggae-Lounge-World)

Tracks #LOUNGE, #Reggae, #World, **GOING FOR AIRPLAY** - 09.06.2019
Eljuri - Resiste-Una Ola (Reggae-Lounge-World) WORLD REGGAE - LOUNGE - Resist . . . Persist . . . Repeat. Testifying that the root of the problem is the amoral behavior of people in power, Eljuri delineates love vs. hate, good vs. evil in this lyrical declaration. The battle is on and Eljuri inspires us to fight for humanity, the community and liberty for all. Her arrangement choice of driving funk meets one-drop reggae supported by wah-wah guitar and seductive dub elements set the foundation for the powerful vocals and timely message. Recommended by Kings Of Spins