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Tracks - #TRANCE

NEMKE - Rush (Intonenation) Progressive Trance

Tracks #AIRPLAY RECOMMENDATION, #TRANCE, #WAVs + MP3s - 25.04.2019
NEMKE - Rush (Intonenation) Progressive Trance FUTURE TRANCE - WAVs + MP3s - Making his debut on Intonenation Records is Serbia’s premiere progressive trance producer NEMKE, releasing “Rush” worldwide on all platforms.
“Rush” opens up with a very distinctive tech influenced groove. The bass drops quickly into a static beat plateau laced with hypnotic percussive synths and huge supersaw synths which rise towards the unavoidable breakdown. Rising from the silence, a timeless plucked synth melody is joined by the returning supersaws and the “Rush” theme rises like an anthem with a rhythmic build that gives way to a drop of legendary proportions. Combining pulsating bass and layer upon layer of synth leads the drop builds endlessly on the haunting original theme and then returns to the same tech influenced groove that opened the song.

JES - Imagination (Will Atkinson Remix) Magik Muzik (Trance)

Tracks #AIRPLAY RECOMMENDATION, #Beatport #1, #TRANCE - 03.04.2019
JES - Imagination (Will Atkinson Remix) Magik Muzik (Trance) BEATPORT TRANCE #1 - 

WAVs + MP3s - 

Will Atkinson Remix - 
Letting JES’s ‘Imagination’ run away with him, over nine minutes Will’s rework takes it to any number of new dimensions. Tapping into its emotional core from the outset, his production makes a lightning quick connection with her song. Rolling JES’s opening refrains over crisp breaks and then capitalizing with 4/4 beats, he brings in a beast of a b-line and an irresistible riptide of surging sub-riffs. Will then deftly clicks it over into a thumping progressive tract, allowing - through pathos-soaked pads, synths and endless FX detail, that emotion to swell. Finally - right when you think it’s topped out and hasn’t anymore road to run, he stunningly upscales again. With a break picked out by authentic guitars strains and heart-seeking chime, Will finally eclipses all with the kind of mainline uplift your night simply won’t recover from. 

When charged with remixing a song that boasts this much history and mystique you’ll naturally be expected to bring your “A”game. This time Will Atkinson has gone one better.

Yence505 ft Rocio Cravero - Fuerza Del Vacio EP - D-Force (Electro House-NuTrance-Lounge)

Yence505 ft Rocio Cravero - Fuerza Del Vacio EP - D-Force (Electro House-NuTrance-Lounge) FUTURE CLUB - NU TRANCE - ELECTRONIC LOUNGE - FUTURE POP - IBIZA resident music producer, Yence505, follows up from his amazing December 2018 album release "Moments In Life" and the much loved album podcast with a true slice of Balearic Electronic Dance Music on the production "Fuerza Del Vacio" (translating as 'force of the vacuum') which Jens delivers across 6 mixes featuring the amazing vocals of Rocio Cravero (photo below). We particularly enjoyed the Yence505 Lost Art and the Gijs de Miks Sundown Remix. Recomendado por los reyes. "Fuerza Del Vacio" out on release now, Spotify link below..

Oleg Farrier - Rain Man - Intonenation (Progressive Trance)

Tracks #TRANCE, #WAVs + MP3s - 13.12.2018
Oleg Farrier - Rain Man - Intonenation (Progressive Trance) PROGRESSIVE TRANCE - WAVs + MP3s - Releasing through Intonenation Records is “Rain Man”, the latest progressive offering from Ukrainian dance music prodigy Oleg Farrier. Opening with an insistent groove and a mysterious atmosphere the bass quickly drops in accompanied by a classic 80’s bell theme hinting at the hypnotic melodic hook that will later drive the song. The breakdown triggers deep swelling pads and choral melodies lead to an assertive melodic line which carries us into a deeply energetic crescendo. As the beat drops the melody fuses perfectly with the beat and the track takes off like wild horse heading for the horizon only to return to it’s wide bass groove as it fades. So hit the dance floor with Oleg Farrier this fall and let Rain Man wash over you.

Adam Sobiech ft. Taxigirl – Always (Intonenation) TRANCE

Tracks #TRANCE - 13.12.2018
Adam Sobiech ft. Taxigirl – Always (Intonenation) TRANCE PROGRESSIVE TRANCE - WAVs + MP3s - Trance powerhouse Adam Sobiech releases his brand new track ”Always” through Intonenation Records, featuring the unmistakable vocal styling of mysterious dance vocalist Taxigirl

Khievo - Waterbourne - Intonenation (Trance)

Tracks #TRANCE - 05.11.2018
Khievo - Waterbourne - Intonenation (Trance) TRANCE - KHIEVO "WATERBOURNE" - Trance vanguard Khievo releases his inspired new dance floor dance floor filler Waterbourne through Intonenation Records on September 14th. Layering thematic beauty with a feel good high energy rhythm track, the Ukrainian innovator draws on this compositional skills for a result which is both contemporary and timeless.

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