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Tracks - UK House

Bleona - I Dont Need Your Love (Stonebridge Remixes) 418 Music

Tracks #Billboard Club Chart Promo, #CLUB HOUSE, #PIANO HOUSE, REMIXES, UK House - 29.12.2018
Bleona - I Dont Need Your Love (Stonebridge Remixes) 418 Music REMIXES - STONEBRIDGE - SLIM TIM - STEREOSOULZ - PIANO HOUSE - UK HOUSE - CLUB HOUSE: WAVS + MP3s - Bleona puts the term 'bold' into an entirely new category. An award-winning, multi-lingual recording artist, Bleona has already taken Europe, and her native country Albania, by storm. She has recorded eight albums, sold more than 1.5 million records, graced more than 40 fashion magazine covers, and has toured extensively throughout Europe performing for millions of fans. Coming off her recent top 15 charting tune, Wicked Love, and her previous top 5 plaudits via Take You Over, BLEONA seeks to extend her fan base by means of her new single and Billboard smash I DON'T NEED YOUR LOVE (The Remixes) featuring new remixes by Grammy Nominated producer StoneBridge, Slim Tim, and Stereosoulz. For more on this track, follow 418 Music on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and for all our latest releases, find us on Spotify.