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Tracks - UK House

Bleona - I Dont Need Your Love (Stonebridge Remixes) 418 Music

Tracks Billboard Club Chart Promo, Club House, Piano House, REMIXES, UK House - 29.12.2018
Bleona - I Dont Need Your Love (Stonebridge Remixes) 418 Music REMIXES - STONEBRIDGE - SLIM TIM - STEREOSOULZ - PIANO HOUSE - UK HOUSE - CLUB HOUSE: WAVS + MP3s - Bleona puts the term 'bold' into an entirely new category. An award-winning, multi-lingual recording artist, Bleona has already taken Europe, and her native country Albania, by storm. She has recorded eight albums, sold more than 1.5 million records, graced more than 40 fashion magazine covers, and has toured extensively throughout Europe performing for millions of fans. Coming off her recent top 15 charting tune, Wicked Love, and her previous top 5 plaudits via Take You Over, BLEONA seeks to extend her fan base by means of her new single and Billboard smash I DON'T NEED YOUR LOVE (The Remixes) featuring new remixes by Grammy Nominated producer StoneBridge, Slim Tim, and Stereosoulz. For more on this track, follow 418 Music on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and for all our latest releases, find us on Spotify.

JUIC3BOX + Alice France - True Love - NHMM (UK Garage-House)

Tracks Club Dance, Club House, KINGS RECOMMENDED, SPOTIFY HIT, UK Garage, UK House - 24.09.2017
JUIC3BOX + Alice France - True Love - NHMM (UK Garage-House) UK GARAGE-HOUSE - CLUB HOUSE - OVER 1 Million SPOTIFY PLAYS & 200K+ STREAMS A WEEK - JUIC3BOX is an artist moniker from songwriter, producer & singer Sam Gray, who has over 61 million streams on Spotify across 5 current single releases with Hardwell (Creatures of the Night, 20.6m), Julian Perretta (Tied Up, 7.4m), DJ Katch (Lights Out, 30.2m), Tobtok (Rooftops, 1.7m), and Manovski (My Redemption Song, 1.4m). While attending ADE in Amsterdam he discovered Dutch singer Alice France and immediately invited her to record this uplifting dance anthem which will set dance floors and radio-waves ablaze all summer long. Alice France is a vibrant young artist and songwriter from the Netherlands. Her appreciation for singing and R&B started early on, inspired by legendary divas like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin.

Kamaura ft The Fever "Pretty Green Eyes" Spincredible Recs (Organ Bass Hse-UK House)

Tracks Club Dance, KINGS RECOMMENDED, Organ Bass House, Piano House, Progressive House, Trance, UK Garage, UK House - 26.07.2017
Kamaura ft The Fever "Pretty Green Eyes" Spincredible Recs (Organ Bass Hse-UK House) UK HOUSE - ORGAN GASS HOUSE - PROGRESSIVE HOUSE - UK GARAGE - PIANO HOUSE - CLUB DANCE - Kamaura’s Pretty Green Eyes is a cleverly re-worked version of the hit record by Ultrabeat. Originally released in 1996 by hardcore legends Force and Styles, the track was catapulted to international success in 2003 when Ultrabeat captured the Clubland sound of the era. The song has always been a huge crowd-pleaser and has been covered in countless styles by hundred of artists, widely seen across social media. Kamaura breathe fresh life into a classic with a stunning female vocal and a very cool and understated approach. Pretty Green Eyes has been teased on-line over the last 3 weeks garnering a staggering number of plays and likes. Intense interest in this huge summer track is growing quickly with in excess of 20 international licensing deals already secured. Kamaura keep making big strides in the business through their own material and acclaimed remixes for heavy weight acts and labels. RECOMMENDED BY KINGS

Reiss Harrison - Control - Carrillo Music (Funky Disco Hse-Organ Bass Hse)

Tracks Circuit House, Club Dance, FUNKY DISCO HOUSE, Organ Bass House, Progressive House, UK House - 06.07.2017
Reiss Harrison - Control - Carrillo Music (Funky Disco Hse-Organ Bass Hse) FUNKY DISCO HOUSE - ORGAN BASS HOUSE - UK BASS HOUSE - PROGRESSIVE HOUSE - CIRCUIT HOUSE - Brand new artist signing to hit-making Phoenix label Carrillo Music with babe-magnet Reiss Harrison's debut release "Control" being giving some stellar multi-genre remixes that are being released by Universal 7th July. Recommended by Kings..

Franky - I Cried For You - Freaktone Recs (House-UK House)

Tracks Club House, Deep Bass House, HOUSE, KINGS RECOMMENDED, UK House - 20.06.2017
Franky - I Cried For You - Freaktone Recs (House-UK House) PRESS RELEASE: ***PRIORITY SINGLE ALERT*** David Bowie (Starman), Prince, George Michael, Leonard Cowen, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder all passed away in 2016, making it a totally unprecedented year. This single, written and produced by the legendary Soulshaker alongside Jenna Donnelly of Audiofreaks, is about the tears we all cried throughout this devastating year when we all lost so many iconic music artists and legendary stars who were so important to so many of us. The original mixes from Soulshaker have been backed up by some serious club bombs from FerKKo, Ed Marquis and Logan who all herald from the Go Music Solutions and Audiofreaks stable.

Eric Redd - Don't Cha Know - Carrillo Music (House-Classic House)

Tracks Circuit House, Classic House, HOUSE, KINGS COOL CUT, KINGS RECOMMENDED, UK House - 15.06.2017
Eric Redd - Don't Cha Know - Carrillo Music (House-Classic House) HOUSE - CLASSIC HOUSE - CIRCUIT HOUSE - UK HOUSE - CRISTIAN POOW - DAN THOMAS - LIAM KEEGAN - FENIX - ROD CARRILLO REMIXES - JUNE 15th RELEASE. Kings releases his favorite Eric Redd latest song "Do Cha Know" on Carrillo Music today with an excellent selection of remixes. Recommended by Kings

Mr Maph - Whistle With Me - Maph Music Recs(House-UK House)

Mr Maph - Whistle With Me - Maph Music Recs(House-UK House) KINGS ESSENTIAL NEW HOUSE - UK HOUSE RELEASE. Seriously this familiar bass rumbling dancefloor filling smash is irresistible from the first four bars onwards. One mix for now but some tracks thats all you need to put smiles on your people. Mr Maph is known far & wide in his many musical guises, and now with his dance head on, he introduces 'Whistle With Me'. Already picked up for an ITV show & will be used in a major film later in 2017. HUGE RECOMMENDATION FROM KINGS

Kodama - We Are Kodama E.P. - White Label (UK House-Garage)

Tracks KINGS ESSENTIAL NEW TUNE, UK Garage, UK House - 06.06.2017
Kodama - We Are Kodama E.P. - White Label (UK House-Garage) KINGS EXCLUSIVE ESSENTIAL NEW TUNE - UK HOUSE - UK GARAGE Four massive tracks, especially the brilliant "Back To Dust" from the Kodama "We Are Kodama EP" who are a hot new production team that have a lot of brand new fierce tunes steaming out of their studio including "Pesada", "Daggers" and their remix of the Flume song "Never Be Like You" many are available for licensing internationally. Please feel free to contact them for info via their social media links. Recommended by Kings

Fantastiques - Beautiful Terminator(remixes) Rebeat (Circuit Hse-Club Hse)

Tracks Circuit House, Club House, Electro Club, KINGS RECOMMENDED, UK House - 06.06.2017
Fantastiques - Beautiful Terminator(remixes) Rebeat (Circuit Hse-Club Hse) CIRCUIT HOUSE - CLUB HOUSE - UK HOUSE - PUMPING HOUSE - FANTASTIQUES, Carmen Perez (from the U.S.) and Stéphane Nadal (from France), send their heartfelt THANKS to ALL Kings of Spins DJs for the positive comments & support on the Part 1 campaign of their hot new track, "Beautiful Terminator", which this week, secures the #3BREAKOUT position on the Billboard Club Chart!! Steered by UK legendary producer, Liam Keegan, "Beautiful Terminator" is the first club track released from their third EP, "Ascension", and sports a whole NEW set of mixes for PART 2, featuring the following remixer/production talents: DJ ALAN bd, GIUSEPPE D., THE DEGENERATES, LIAM KEEGAN, and WILL WEB. Be sure to WATCH the innovative video remix by Eric Jenkins, which is re-edited to the Everything But The Girl (EBTG)-inspired mix from Giuseppe D. -- HOTTT!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by KINGS !