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Echostorms - Love Took Control (Nest Music Grp) Club Dance-Pop Dance




Introducing the fresh vibrant sound of new UK dance duo, EchoStorms, as they bound onto the global music stage with their debut single and a debut album in the pipeline. Fusing an effervescent up-beat pioneering electronic dance vibe, with distinctive crystalline vocals, UK pop duo, EchoStorms, burst onto the global stage with their debut single ‘Love Took Control’, released 18 September; with a debut album in the pipeline for Spring 2021.

EchoStorms - Love Took Control (Club EchoStorms Remix - 11B - 126 Club Dance)

EchoStorms - Love Took Control (Original Mix 11B - 120 Pop Dance)

Juicy-fresh and teeming with sheer summer joy, ’Love Took Control’, is a super-charged up-tempo track, that seamlessly traverses from dance floor to radio; ear-worming its way straight to that addictive place that has us singing it over and over. But as the outer shrink-wrap takes us to musical elation, the lyrics are deceptively deep and dark, as they tackle the very relevant topic of loss, mental health and depression.

Depicting the bitter-sweet emotions of falling in love when you’re carrying the scars of previous heartbreak, the fear of succumbing to love and getting your fingers burnt over again, and those ‘chips are down’ moments when you need to have complete faith in yourself to fight for what you believe in, ‘Love Took Control’ is a sugar coated bullet that hits the bullseye. Deceptively weaving these dark moments of our lives throughout a sound-bed of anthemic joy, results in a track that delivers absolute pop/dance euphoria.

EchoStorms are Ben and Katya. Both extraordinarily talented multi-instrumentalists, vocalists and producers, their musical chemistry set sparks flying they moment they set foot in the studio together.

With the success of previous bands under his belt ,which resulted in a string of radio airplays and live performances alongside Paloma Faith and Maddness, it didn’t take long before Ben was quickly spotted for his production genius. Stepping behind the production desk, Ben worked alongside the likes of the mighty Timbaland, Jim Beanz, Tom Lord Alge and Ed Buller; Ben even performed live at P Diddy’s Grammy afterparty. But meeting Katya was a game changer for Ben, as he instantly recognised her unique and distinctive vocals.

EchoStorms were conceived and the musical journey began, as the duo spearheaded their musical diversity into creating a sound that was inimitably pioneering for the new decade.

Mirroring old-skool tactics in dance music, the pair will be taste-testing their new sounds on live dancefloors with the launch of the Club EchoStorms, where they’ll be hosting live club-nights close to their newly made studio in St Tropez.

With live DJ sets from the EchoStorms duo, plus guest sets from British DJ, Club EchoStorms will bring a slice of UK club culture to St Tropez every week during the summer months, with plans to roll-out the concept globally. In parallel, Ben and Katya, are in the process of creating their own boutique writing, production, mixing studio. Nestled in the hills above beautiful St Tropez, ‘Le Nest’, will offer a stunning and inspiring location, with an atmosphere which is the perfect breeding ground for creativity; that will be open to music artists worldwide.

EchoStorms are coming and this duo mean serious business. Dive into the eye of the storm and let the music do the rest.

Welcome EchoStorms!

Release Date: 18 September 2020
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Echo Storms "Love Took Control"
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EchoStorms - Love Took Control (Club EchoStorms Remix - 11B - 126 Club Dance)

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