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Aashish Rego ft Samantha Noella & Thomson Andrews - I See The Light (Garesala Recs) Anthem Pop Dance




"I See The LIGHT" - A powerful anthemic song constructed like the classic Hey Jude as it builds and builds from a easy melodic and vocal opening.. A song that will give you HOPE and make you feel like you are Invincible and Limitless! Remember that It is always the darkest before the Dawn and You can overcome whatever is going on around you if you believe in the light that lives within you. No matter what you are going through, no matter where you are in life - believe that you can flip everything when you see the light within you. This song is a reminder for You to know that you are Powerful, You are Worthy, You are the Creator and Your Dreams are worthy! Out now via Horus Music

Aashish Rego ft Samantha Noella & Thomson Andrews - I See The Light - 11A - 120 Pop Dance

"The song "I see the Light" is a message that there is always a way if we know how to look. After the darkest night comes the brightest dawn. This is a peppy, motivational Alternative Funk rock track that has some great singing on it by two fantastic vocalists, Samantha Noella and Thomson Andrews.
The song begins with a person who is surrounded by darkness and without hope who looks within and finds the light within. It has that distinct quality that energizes you and charges you up to face any eventuality. It speaks about the infinite power within us that can only be unlocked by awareness and awakening. 
"I see the Light"  is a tribute to the limitlessness of our existence. True change needs a rearrangement of priorities and choices in our life. Funky arrangements and orchestration by Japjisingh Valecha, guitars by David Sinchury and Bass by Pooja Mazoomdar bring life to the words of inspiration composed and penned by Aashish Rego.
Songs that inspire and motivate are his passion. It gives him immense joy to record tracks that can contribute and provide value to the lives of others. “When Success Gyan approached me to compose this song for their 10 year anniversary it was like a dream come true and I enjoyed every moment.  It resonated with my identity as a "Warrior of the light" and encouraged me to spread the light of self belief further”, says Aashish.  
He adds “I am a lover of life and all things living and choose to call myself a "Sound Alchemist", harnessing my own abilities to contribute to the lives of others and enable them to discover their own Midas touch.


Aashish Rego ft Samantha Noella & Thomson Andrews - I See The Light - 11A - 120 Pop Dance

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