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Chart places, praise and pride


"Kings Of Spins is a champion campaigner for new artists and their releases" - Billboard (USA)


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Pepper Gomez feat Tacboy - Oh My Heart (Wake Up! Music) Classic Nu House

"Wow that looks so beautiful! Very very awesome! Can't wait to hear what the DJs think about it! You my friend who have heard so much and continue to hear so much - I'm just blown away by you. What beautiful work and efforts to support new music for us all ❤️
Thank you, Ed.

The Pepperlicious Pepper - WakeUP! Music























Eddie Gordon you have known me and been a part of my journey for a long time. You believe in me in the most divine special way and I am grateful for your love support and guidance ❤️ thank you so much. Janice Robinson @singsongmomma

Ed, I am so happy, can't wait to see the reviews. You guys are a great company. Thanks, DJ Dimitri (Zona)

Thanks Eddie, I really appreciate all your support for Deltiimo.*:) happy What can I say over the moon. Amba & Devin Jade will be so happy when they see the chart. Kind Regards Gary Louca - Deltiimo

Frankie Ceraolo - Thanks Eddie SO MUCH - very grateful for the follow thru, Sir. The additional KINGS exposure is KEY as we are attempting for Top10 on the Billboard Chart this week! As you are fully aware, I am one of the promoters who TRULY believes in the value of KINGS I appreciate your help ALWAYS! Have a gr8 day

Thank you so much buddy! I just love Kings, you've got such a good thing my friend. Mark D.De Lange. DDM Texas USA - 
The feedback is unbelievable. 10 /1. Our best regards, Manuel Genzel Karmic Power Records - (Lenny Fontana) 

Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto has been working with Kings of Spins for years they are essential to our promotion to get our new releases out to radio & DJs around the world. 

ROZALLA​​ "If You Say It Again"​ ​A BIG THANK YOU to Eddie Gordon and Kings of Spins DJs for your overwhelming positive support and comments on the initial white label service of "If You Say It Again". This has led to a multitude of positive energy again !

Thanks Eddie Gordon for the support during all those years ! ♥ Love #kingsofspins - Ce Soir #ladyaneessa numero uno :) Anissa Boudjaoui

Hello Eddie I am beside myself with all the great feedback thank you for being apart of my musical journey navigating the music to the radio. You're a living angel. Love Gia 7

Hi Eddie, I just wanted to introduce myself and say "Thank You" for the good work you do with Kings of Spins. I have actually used your service before and was very pleased! Thank you for giving indie artist a place to be seen and heard xoxo Caroline Lund (Artist)

Hey Eddie, I'm loving the feedback on the record.. that is very cool.. thanks.David Anthony - Planet Hum 

Thank you Ed! I appreciate it!!! It's an important tune for us so I am glad it is getting some good reception! I am very grateful to you and Jodie for these past few years in helping spread the music! It really works a lot!  Joseph Vitterito - Anticodon Recs

Sir Eddie! Great job! Greetings from Ago, Gaia and Luna at EVERNESS

Ray Ramon Records We would like to thank top Champion Campaigner and member of the US Grammy panel Kings Of Spins Eddie Gordon. For promoting "Dance All Night" and "Moving On - Ray Ramon, Big Mannie & Andromeda" to top DJ'S and Dance Radio all around the world. A huge thanks as "Moving On" is released worldwide in retail stores around the world Feb 20. A massive achievement and a must have campaign for Dance Artists and DJ'S out there. Thank you Sir Eddie, appreciate it.

An excellent service you will love is called Kings Of Spins. Email a very nice gentlemen named Eddie Gordon ( tell him DJ Gary C from Masspool DJs sent you. They are one of the best sites to get your projects to the djs and their prices are very reasonable ! they have djs worldwide and can do a lot for you! you will not be disappointed. Best DJ Gary C - Masspool DJs USA

Hi Guys - I wanted to take a second to write to you and THANK you for being such a rare RARE breed in the music "industry." Your service is so honest and fair and kind. I speak about you to all the artists I know who want to do promotion and tell them how nice it is to work with a company that firstly believes in the ART but also does a wonderful job at its field. It's so difficult as an independent let alone "unknown" artist in ANY field to get exposure or recognition ... we all want our work to be heard / seen and in this day and age everyone is inundated with choice after choice of what to play. But you make it a nice process full of integrity. Thank you so much. JOSEPH VITTERITO

I have known Eddie Gordon since I was 20 I am now a few years older, in fact it's been 36 years. Eddie does and always has got the tunes to their peak and then some. Kings Of Spins is a great way of getting your releases played in America and other parts of the world that would normally cost the earth, the best thing about it is ''Every SPIN You win'. I would recommend ''Kings Of Spin'' as a great key to help with your promotion! Gary Van den Bussche DSG Music