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We've 3705 members (radio stations, DJs, producers...) on Kings Of Spins.

"Hi Eddie on behalf of Anané Vega and I, we appreciate all you are doing for "Music & Life". It's wonderful to see the response for the song! Keep Kings Rising To The Top!!!
Louie Vega"

Worldwide Radio + Social Media

In the world of 2021, with Streaming providing the most income for releases (old catalogue & new releases), its important to connect DJs and music fans to your latest releases at Radio, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Beatport, Traxsource, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, all together. You can successfully achieve this with Kings Of Spins. Launched in 2003 Kings Of Spins is now 18 years as the original worldwide online marketing and promotion service to DJ's around the world and judging by our testimonials, see below, the best service to cover all of the above for you worldwide.

New Releases

360 days a year Kings Of Spins sends new releases to their database of 1679+ radio DJs who play all genres of dance music in 75 countries on 900+ radio stations, many syndicated to multi-networked stations and collectively talking to 100 million+ music lovers worldwide to support your release and grow your social networking playlists.


Every time a Kings Of Spins DJ posts their personal feedback on your tracks received from KINGS their notification is posted on(KINGS) and on TWITTER to be retweeted and favorited. It's amazing promotion for your artist and label. We have 213'115 live DJ feedback Tweets and reTweets on our Twitter page.


In 2021 DJs and music fans need to see and hear about new music releases many times before they make playlist choices. Radio plays around the world, connected to social media, is perfect for getting their interest in your music and those important income earning streams on Spotify + Apple Music.


KINGS have many great Billboard Club Chart Dance DJ's adding Kings promoted tracks to their weekly charts for Billboard USA. In 2017 we co-serviced 17 Billboard Club Chart #1 hits, in 2018 its 18 Billboard Club Chart #1's and 2019 (July 1st) we have co-serviced 12 Billboard Club Chart #1's. 2020 COVID stopped the chart until Clubs re-open. Ditto 2021.

Record Pools

The music we promote for you is also added to two major USA DJs Pools, iDJPool and MassPool to cover North America and create more DJ support, spread charts and streaming playlists quickly..

Spotify Support

7 - We include your artists live Spotify and Apple Music players, their release artwork inside the tracks/metadata, we add the key/bpm data to help DJs play your music as they travel all around the world to different streaming and radio station systems.

Release Dates

Day of release promotion - The day of your release is when the really important work starts, which is why superstars like Drake and Beyonce drop their new albums with little or no advance publicity. You hit the ground running. 2021 the music business is about continuous prompting for attention and acceptance.
members by region
regionradio stationsradio deejaysshow producersheads of music
America - USA - East coast9728141
America - USA - Central439412
America - USA - West coast431272
America - Canada18531
America - Caribbean410
America - Middle and South America2432
Europe - Germany28651
Europe - France43462
Europe - Spain and Portugal28612
Europe - Italy and Malta5272
Europe - Benelux states35303
Europe - Scandinavia and Baltic states24341
Europe - Greece, Turkey and Cyprus2626
Europe - Central Europe29413
Europe - Eastern Europe2112
Europe - Russia915
Europe - Ireland16261
Africa - North13
Africa - South63
Asia - Middle East612
Asia - Japan33
Asia - India23
Asia - China and other countries616
Australia and Oceania2437
UK - South50991
UK - London512353
UK - West2759
UK - East1855
UK - North421242
UK - Scotland152511
Internet only1215
Total803 1714 266
members by genre
genremembers interested
Club Dance1407
Funky house and soulful2720
Electro House (mainstream)2082
Electro House (dirty)1698
Electro House (progressive)1786
Disco House2400
Hard house1704
Tech house2426
Deep house2545
Cosmic Disco1912
Hard dance1625
Electro Pop1809
Nu Soul1932
Drum and bass1708
Hip Hop1838
Chill, Ambient, Lounge1990