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Agency - Successor - Complete Project (Vol 2) Soulful RnB - Pop Soul



Agency - ALBUM: SUCCESSOR (Vol. 2)

"SUCCESSOR" is a tribute to love, to that one person who inherits your heart. So says the act, Agency, as they describe what serves to be their most captivating body of work. Here is the second half of this amazing body of work...

Features a beautifully captivating cover of the Stevie Wonder classic KNOCKS ME OFF MY FEET. Song styles include a bit of funk, retro-soul, and even contemporary pop. The act also incorporates a bit of retro-quoting in two songs, interpolating Now That We Found Love as well as Get Down On It as well as a little nod to Prince (in I Like Where This Is Going as well as Dance It Out).

And don’t overlook the Janet-inspired lead track YUP YUP! Remixes are coming!

Agency - Baby I Want Your Love - 10A - 120 Club Dance

Agency - Dance It Out - 2A - 94 Soulful RnB

Agency - Fall Into You - 8B - 102 Club RnB

Agency - I Like Where This Is Going - 6A - 104 Club RnB

Agency - In Your Eyes - 9A - 105 Soulful RnB

Agency - Knocks Me Off My Feet - 1A - 90 Pop Soul

Agency - Lifetime - 10A - 115 Pop Soul

Agency - Slam Dunk Love - 8A - 97 Soul RnB

Agency - Sneak Away - 8A - 146 Soulful Club

Agency - The Greatest - 1A - 104 RnB Club

Agency - Yup Yup - 8A - 121 RnB Club Dance

Release Date: 11 June 2021 for "SUCCESSOR, Vol. 2" followed by "SUCCESSOR (The Complete Project)" will be released on 18 June 2021

SUCCESSOR Vol 1 on Spotify & Apple Music


Agency - Baby I Want Your Love - 10A - 120 Club Dance

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