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Andy Wood Mitchell - Follow (Big Funk Recs) Soulful Funk - Soulful Funky Dance - Funky Club House


Soulful Funk - Soulful Funky Dance - Funky Club House. WAVs-MP3s-MP4 Video.


The First release from the forthcoming album by Andy Wood Mitchell "Gyneth and the Quantum Space Thingy" that accompanies an interactive fitness programme.

It recounts the Story of a member of a cos play community on board a space station on a Five year research Tour attempting to alleviate the boredom of life within the tight confines of the space station by creating a revamped version of the age old tale of Gawain and the Green Knight in an attempt to make their daily exercise routine preventing muscle atrophy slightly more interesting.

Gwyneth the main protagonist has to follow a number of different fitness regimes to get through each task so she can finally compete against the Quantum Space Thingy who has challenged her to the ultimate contest where the corporeal meets the world of the very very tiny...

The lyrics of the single are a hymn to all things quantum with the phenomenal production of Ernie Mckone from Boogie Back Studios helped along with the talents of Toby Baker on keys, Vanessa Haynes and Janet Ramus on background vocals.

Andy Wood Mitchell - Follow (Original Mix - 4B - 105 Soulful Funky Dance

Andy Wood Mitchell - Follow (Boogie Back Mix - 5A - 116 Soulful Funk

Andy Wood Mitchell - Follow (Shambley Ambley Mix 5A - 128 Funky Club House

From the forthcoming album Gwyneth and the Quantum Space thingy..

Produced by Ernie Mckone (Boogie Back Studios)
Choreography by Calvin Francis
Dancer Aena Rudenok (Aly_dance_art)
Lighting Cameraman Gordon Gronbach
Art work Stephanie Willis-Folkes
Qbit costumes Marie Christie

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Andy Wood Mitchell - Follow (Original Mix - 4B - 105 Soulful Funky Dance

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