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Avego - MixTape #1 - EP (AVM Rasi) Tech Club House - Future Bass - R&B Latin - Classical lounge


MixTape #1 is as the name implies a mix of everything, Avego wanted to release including a Future Bass song called Holding On, a strong Tech House song called Orbital, an R&B/Latin song called Dime, and a Classical song called Lament. The MixTape has a little bit of something for everyone. This EP is being released By Avego’s own label through Horus Music Distribution streaming on Apple Music and Spotify now.


Avego - Dime - 1A - 80 (R&B Latin)
Avego - Holding On - 4A - 155 (Future Bass)
Avego - Lament - 5A - 140 (Classical Lounge)
Avego - Orbital - 9A - 126 (Tech Club House)

MixTape #1 - Single by Avego | Spotify
MixTape #1 - EP by Avego on Apple Music

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Avego is a Mexican American producer and spent his early life perfecting and refining his skills within the classical sphere performing in high school a new York’s infamous Carnegie Hall. Soon however he transitioned into making electronic music after discovering Sibelius (a music orchestration program) and later Ableton Live and began making music inspired by pioneers of dance music such as Armin Van Burren, Tiesto and Sander Van Doorn and later masterminds such as deadmau5 and Skrillex.

Eventually forming his own sound Avego has gone on to release several releases and has released songs with leading electronic Spanish label Blanco Y Negro who partnered with Avego for 7 Single Releases. He also released a song with the legendary record label Nighty9Lives and hot off the heels of that release he is releasing MixTape #1



Avego - Dime - 1A - 80 (RnB Latin)

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