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Avery Raquel - Pieces (Remixes) GKM Soulful House-House-Anthem House-Tribal House


WONDERFUL NEW REMIXES - SOULFUL HOUSE - HOUSE - ANTHEM HOUSE - TRIBAL HOUSE - WAVs - StoneBridge, the Grammy award-nominated artist, Producer, and DJ has infused his massive talent with his remix on "Pieces" which has caught fire on Stoney's weekly BPM Mixshow (on Sirius XM) as well as on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, where it zooms from 45* to 37* and heading for the Top 30 this week!

In addition to Stoney's remixes (along with Damien Hall), other talented remixer/producers have worked on "Pieces", including C-ROD, DIRTY DISCO, DJ ALAN bd, STHLM Esq, as well as the ORIGINAL Album Mix. AND, in just 2 short weeks in the Clubs, "Pieces" seems to be a "perfect fit" for dancefloors, as the track has scored #3BREAKOUT on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart, with a CHART DEBUT imminent!


In addition, please be sure to check out Avery in her very first REMIX VIDEO, expertly edited by the "Wizard of Visuals", Danny Morris (to the StoneBridge & Damien Hall Extended Mix)! HIGHLY Recommended by KINGS!! 

Avery Raquel - Pieces (Craig Cs Right From The Start Vocal 6A - 122 HOUSE

Avery Raquel - Pieces (DJ ALAN bd Groovy House Mix 2A - 125 Soulful House

Avery Raquel - Pieces (StoneBridge Perfect Fit Private Mix 6A - 126 Anthem House

Avery Raquel - Pieces (Dirty Disco Big Room UP-n-DOWN Anthem Mix 6B - 126 Tribal House

Avery Raquel - Pieces (Matt Moss House Mix 3A - 128 Circuit House

Avery Raquel - Pieces (STHLM Esq Quik-Hit Remix 5B - 119 Club House

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Original "Pieces" & other Avery Raquel releases are on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify plus on all platforms on January 24th, 2020!
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Previous mixes riding high in the Kings Chart

Avery Raquel - Pieces (GKM) House-Club House-Tribal Circuit House-Trippy House

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