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B. Valentine - Love Me Still (Soul Ballad) Matcha Entertainment



SOUL BALLAD - WAV + MP3. Sink into the soulful sounds of B. Valentine as she unveils her brand- new single ‘Love Me Still’. A tender take on the Chaka Khan classic. B. Valentine’s irresistible vocal prowess and charm shines through as she effortlessly delivers her unique take on the much-loved song. Crediting Chaka Khan as a significant influence of her own music, B. Valentine pays homage to the icon through her flawless rendition of ‘Love Me Still’. Capturing the raw, honest and reflective emotions of the original record, B. Valentine delivers an exceptional performance, showcasing her undeniable talent.

B. Valentine - Love Me Still (Soul Ballad)

“Her voice is distinct and sweet; what sets it apart is smidgen of chafe, almost a pebbly undertone”. Randy Radic, Contact Music
The decision to release her cover of 'Love Me Still' stemmed from B. Valentine's Chaka Khan tribute during her residency at Los Angeles Pips on LaBrea. Discovering the song whilst preparing for the string of shows, B. Valentine fell instantly in love with the intimate sound. A stark contrast to Chaka’s usual funk driven melodies, the sweet sentiment of the song deeply resonated with B. Valentine; sparking her desire to team up with her husband Eric Valentine for her own spin on the single. Eric Valentine is known not merely for his rhythmic prowess as a drummer, but for his tasteful skills as a producer.

Enlisting a stellar line-up of musical friends from guitarist Michael Nomad Ripoll (Babyface's former Musical Director) to Wayne Linsey (performed with Chaka Khan), who lent his expertise on keys; the Valentine duo made a new addition to the original record. An incorporation of drums and percussion embodies the texture and mood of the song, masterfully complimenting B. Valentine's unique voice as she renders soulful vocal melodies.
Celebrating seven years of marriage this year, B and Eric share a mutual admiration for ‘Love Me Still’, commenting that the song meets them exactly where they are in their relationship. A place of reflection, gratitude and renewal for their love and partnership, releasing their version of ‘Love Me Still’ is an endearing and divine moment of appreciation for each other and their love of music.


B. Valentine’s new single ‘Love Me Still’ will officially be released on April 19th across all digital platforms.


B. Valentine - Love Me Still - (Soul Ballad)

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