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Bec Caruana - Perfectly Imperfect (Booshu) Power Ballad



Power Ballad - Bec Caruana delivers a self-penned powerfully poignant recording that beautifully weaves a personal experience around the chords of acoustic guitars and piano titled "Perfectly Imperfect", itself a twist in a two worded sentence which begins with one impression yet finishes as the total opposite, very clever.

Can you be beautifully broken or wonderfully wrecked ? Super sad, yes heard that before but Perfectly Imperfect, that's an entire movie script. Something tells my ears that this song has a journey ahead, Celine Dion, Streisand maybe, its a song Taylor Swift would love to have written. Presented for your consideration..

Bec Caruana - Perfectly Imperfect (Vocal Master 9A - 70 Powerful Ballad

Bec Caruana - Perfectly Imperfect (Instrumental 9A - 70 Ballad Music

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Bec Caruana is a Multi-Platinum awarded songwriter, and no stranger to the airwaves.

We haven't seen Bec release her own music in quite some time, preferring to remain behind the scenes, as. A songwriter and artist mentor.

You may remember BJ Caruana of the 2002 pop hit "Dance All Night"(Warner Music Aust).

"A couple of years ago I started to play the piano again and I wrote a bunch of songs that blindsided me a little, I had loads of different stories to tell. Life had given me so much to write about over the years. I guess I had a renaissance feeling, I wasn't done yet. I had always wanted to record and write this kind of music and thought, I would when I'm older."

"Perfectly Imperfect is about so many facets of life but in essence we are all human and, Perfectly Imperfectly created, with every right to mess up, have a conflict of the heart, to feel, take risks, learn and grow.... embrace the imperfect!"

This is the grown-up Bec Caruana, a change from the early noughties pop diva. No glitter here just real feels. Bec has written and performed some dancefloor favourites over the years. She's also written a No.1 hit for Japanese boy band Arashi. Bec's music has featured on Disney (Step Up 3D) and Universal Pictures (American Girl). As someone who loves to be behind the scenes nurturing new talent, She now runs her own house music label (Booshu Records

Bec Caruana "Perfectly Imperfect"
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Bec Caruana - Perfectly Imperfect (Vocal Master 9A - 70 Powerful Ballad

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