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Billy Winn - Seal It With A Kiss - Ferocious Music (Pop Dance)

Tracks 07.05.2018 Pop Dance


POP DANCE - Billy Winn Returns To Dance Music With “Seal It With A Kiss”, The Debut Song From His Upcoming EP. In “Seal It With A Kiss,” out artist Billy Winn makes his triumphant return to dance music with an electronic, urban, and sexy song that will get listeners grooving. Written and produced by Billy and Johnie & Elliot of the production team OneVision, “Seal It with a Kiss” is about an undeniable attraction—one so strong that words are not needed to express it.

“It’s an unspoken chemistry felt simply with a look, a touch, or a kiss,” explains Billy. “I think there is something carnal about being able to speak to another person without words. It’s not about love. "Seal It With A Kiss" is not a love song. It’s more about the beginning, the rumblings, the stirrings of what might eventually turn into an affair of the heart.”

Dreamland EP. Billy Winn’s “Seal it with a Kiss” is being distributed by Ferocious Music and OneRPM and will be available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms on May 4.

“The lyrics and vibe of ‘Seal It with a Kiss’ make it seem sordid, I know,” laughs Billy, “but the song isn’t necessarily about promiscuity. It’s more a reflection of what I and a lot of young, single people I know are experiencing today. My first Billboard charting record was four years ago, and in that time I’ve done a lot of growing—personally and artistically. 'Seal It with a Kiss’ represents who I am now—how I think about music and visual art, and my level of confidence as a recording artist, given everything that’s happened in the last four years.”

Billy Winn is a Billboard-charting singer, songwriter, recording artist, and performer who has been captivating audiences with his energetic shows and music releases that range from high energy dance records to R&B and emotionally charged EDM. After a public feud and eventual split with his label, the dance imprint Kaleidosphere Recordings, four years ago, Billy has continued to drop music as an independent, underground pop artist. Last year, he released the critically acclaimed urban/pop ballad “Unhappy,” which led to him sharing the stage with the likes of Emeli Sandé, Cher Lloyd, Blake Lewis, and Icona Pop. Following “Unhappy," Billy released “Crash," the sexy electropop/soul tune, with a music video that was released exclusively on Apple Music.

His tastes in music run the gamut. He counts artists like Charli XCX, Tove Lo, Troye Sivan, Years & Years, RAYE, Sofi Tukker, SZA, Billie Eilish, Vince Staples, and Eden Prince as influencers. “I am all over the place with who I listen to, but I see the common thread as being music that speaks to the time we’re in and that will create nostalgia in ten years or more. It’s what I hope my music will do, too.”

“Seal It with a Kiss” was the first time that he played a significant role in the production of a song. “In the past, my collaborations were more of me being the writer and vocalist— coming in after the music was complete—but this time I had a hand in producing the music, and in helping to craft the overall vision.” The song is the first single off his soon-to-be-released

He and his new production team spent three months experimenting with sounds and ideas before finalising the musical direction for "Seal It with a Kiss.” “I’m really excited for everyone to hear the work we’ve done together,” Billy continues. “It’s definitely the next level in my sound, and I am ecstatic to share it.”

Billy Winn’s “Seal It with a Kiss” will be available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms on May 4.

Release Date: 05/04/18
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Billy Winn - Seal It With A Kiss - 4A - 115 - Club Dance

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