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BLAKSWA1 feat Siobhan Mazzei - Spread Like The Ocean (BLAKSWA1 Recs) Drum n Bass



DRUM & BASS - WAV + MP3. Brand-new record label BLAKSWA1 Records (pronounced Black Swan is a label intent on pushing to the forefront exciting, innovative, talent, with co-founder also by the same name, creating an open mind and eclectic musical slipstream, from a diverse childhood backdrop, incorporated into "many a late night" street lit, universal musical connections, producing inspired, emotive musical pieces, using car speakers as the perfect monitors. Collaborating with artist Ability ll on a remix of the 90's cult classic single "Pressure" re-named "Feel The Pressure" a Club House remix, which further consolidated BLAKSWA1 as an artist, producer and label practitioner.

BLAKSWA1 - ft Siobhan Mazzei - Spread Like The Ocean - 5A - 87 (Drum & Bass)

BLAKSWA1 ft Siobhan Mazzei "Spread Like The Ocean" release date: 19/5/2024. With an exclusive vinyl pressing coming via Juno in June.

BLAKSWA1 - ft Siobhan Mazzei "Spread Like The Ocean" unleashes the incredibly emerging talents of singer / songwriter Siobhan Mazzei featuring on the Liquid Drum & Bass jungle infused, "Spread Like The Ocean". Siobhan's solo career ignited in 2009, eventually crossing paths with the elusive BLAKSWA1 via a mutual associate some 11 years later. Siobhan relays society driven cautionary tales dating back to scratched caved wall's, whilst igniting caged frustration influenced by today's jaded New World, With such intelligent intent, Siobhan Mazzei cuts through the noise straight to the bone with such brooding imagery, laced with a Gaelic vocal undertone. No limits ! Nothing is off limits for this label, music is music period.

Siobhan Mazzei


BLAKSWA1 - ft Siobhan Mazzei - Spread Like The Ocean - 5A - 87 (Drum & Bass)

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