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Cats On Bricks - Steam House Radio Show No 26 (Steam House)




Summary: "Steam House“ is a brand new genre "Cats On Bricks“, a circle of DJ/producers from all over Europe, are the godfathers of. „Steam House“ is based on a unique sound & rhythm closely related to the pumping & horning of a steam train. In their "Steam House Radio Show“ "Cats On Bricks“ are presenting new tracks, remixes & mashups, but also their steam house culture, closely related the art & fashion of steampunk. Also featured: A carefully picked 1⁄2 hour guest mix and above all: STOOM - The steam train Cats On Bricks take you on a ride with their show..

01. Intro (Welcome to the Steam House age)
02. TAKE A RIDE (Steam House Extended Mix) by Cats On Bricks
03. ANIMALS (Steam House DJ Mix) by Martin Garrix
04. OUTSIDE WORLD (Steam House MashUp) by Sunbeam
05. MOTH TO A FLAME (Steam House DJ Mix) by Swedish House Mafia
06. LETHAL INDUSTRY (Steam House Extended Mix) by Tiësto
07. RESURRECTION (Steam House Extended Mix) by Eduard Artemyev
08. RELAX (Steam House Extended Mix) by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
09. BAD HABBITS (Steam House DJ Mix) by Ed Sheeran
10. A FURTHER EXISTENCE (Steam House DJ Mix) by Enrico Sangiuliano 11. LAST TRAIN TO TRANSCENTRAL (Steam House DJ Mix) by KLF
12. KOMMODO (Steam House DJ Mix) by Mauro Picotto
13. SUMMERTIME MADNESS (Steam House MashUp) by Lana Del Rey
14. STRANGE WORLD (Steam House Extended Mix) by Chris Cooper
15. DON'T ́T PLAY BY THE RULES (Steam House DJ Mix) by D.T.E. x Prezioso 16. FERRARI (Steam House DJ Mix) by James Hype
17. ON & OFF (Steam House DJ Mix) by Cirez D
18. KERNKRAFT 400 (Steam House DJ Mix) by Zombie Nation
19. SONIC EMPIRE (Steam House DJ Mix) by Members Of Mayday
20. BLUE FIRE (Steam House DJ Mix) by Armin Van Buuren
21. PLANES OVER USHUAIA (Steam House Extended Mix) by Cats On Bricks
22. DUBLIN TO MIAMI (Steam House Extended Mix) by Cats On Bricks
23. LIVE IT UP (Steam House Extended Mix) by Cats On Bricks
24. WE KISS (Steam House Extended Mix) by Cats On Bricks
25. Forgotten Steam“: FOR YOU (Steam House DJ Mix) by Disco Boys

Welcome to the Steam House age introduced by Cats On Bricks. It’s all about a unique new world called „STOOM“ - A steam train, pumping & whistling from clubs to festivals. Take A ride till U steam. On board of STOOM Cats On Bricks take you on an uplifting ride to another world in another time. The train-rides are defined by our Steam House groove, pumping & whistling. New releases, fresh re-mixes & great guest productions, but also by our steampunk fashion, our exciting life and our vr avatars. Take A ride till U steam. Your host „The Steam Meister“ is in the hot seat and you will also meet the other members of Cats On Bricks: DJ „Cyber Cat Bone“, Producer „Der Maschinist“ and of course our talking steam train STOOM. Welcome to the Steam House Radio Show take A ride till U steam
Cats On Bricks:
Take A ride


Cats On Bricks - Steam House Radio Show No 26 (Steam House)

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