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Chemistry Uncovered - Come On World (feat. Sir David Attenborough) Pop Dance




Whilst not strictly a dance track for your floors "COME ON WORLD" can certainly be something for your shows. This is not our world but it is our time. See if you can support one of the greatest living humans, Sir David Attenborough, and Chemistry Uncovered (Bill, Wendy & Ellie Hester) by playing this song, maybe as the closing moment in your show to symbolize where WE are after thousands of years of humanity on this most incredible planet. This is not our world but it is our time, time to show up for the futures of our families. Ps, a point to ponder. Every second breath we take comes from the oxygen produced by the planet's oceans and seas. Once they are depleted of their oxygen producing capabilities by deep-trawling, ocean-bed super fishing vessels, we are DONE.... In Chinese - 我们完了。In Russian - мы сделали.

Chemistry Uncovered - Come On World (featuring Sir David Attenborough) - 8B - 111 Pop Dance

New Pop Duo Chemistry Uncovered release environmental charity single “Come On World” featuring global icon Sir David Attenborough

Last September the world watched Sir David Attenborough's short Netflix film 'A Life On Our Planet'. Transfixing, shocking, mesmerising are some of the words that come to mind when watching this powerful and moving insight into the recent impact of human life on earth. Here is the trailer.
We decided to write a song to try and capture the spirit of what we saw and heard in Sir Attenborough's “witness statement”. Once it was done, we shared with Sir Attenborough and were delighted and honoured to receive a handwritten letter, along with his publisher’s permission to feature his voice in the song.

Our daughter Ellie Hester created the accompanying video.  SUDDENLY NOTHING seems as important as making changes to the way that we live. It is not an easy thing to do, as we are all used to the many comforts of modern living. Please share this song on your social media channels. The more of us that choose to make small changes in our lives, the more quickly these will add up to the big change that we all so urgently need.
100% of all revenues generated from this song are pledged to environmental charities.

Chemistry Uncovered is a singer-songwriter duo based in Buckinghamshire, UK. A husband-and- wife team, Bill & Wendy Hester have been writing and producing music for over ten years and performing both in the UK and internationally for over twenty years. They love writing & playing a wide variety of genres and perform many live shows each year either as a full band or an acoustic duo.

Wendy Hester’s passion for performing original music began at Hull University and she appeared on radio shows and in newspaper articles. Today, in addition to ever present lead vocal duties, Wendy plays guitar, keys and percussion. She is also the undisputed songwriting engine of the band, with no amount of iphone space seemingly enough for the ideas that she generates!

Like Wendy, Bill Hester has learned his craft over many hundreds of live performances. Bill plays guitars, keyboards, bass and drums (plus the occasional backing vocal) and has built B&W Studios as a dedicated production facility. Bill is never happier than when collaborating with Wendy to arrange and produce original music as Chemistry Uncovered.

The band’s new album ‘Kaleidoscope’ will be released at the start of 2022. Release Date 19th November 2021

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The YouTube Video for this song is here



Chemistry Uncovered - Come On World (feat. Sir David Attenborough) - 8B - 111 Pop Dance

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