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Chicago House MPG Mixshow 305 - DJ Georgie Porgie - House-Jackin House

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HOUSE - JACKIN HOUSE - DISCO HOUSE - AFRO HOUSE - CLASSIC HOUSE - Great House music makes the world a joyful please especially when its put together as good in a one hour mixshow like Georgie Porgie does DJing with his unique Chicago life experience that is TOPPING the charts at # 1 everywhere. One of the best weekly shows in the world, fit for Kings and Queens.. FREE TO AIR & SHARE..

Georgie Porgie MPG Radio Mixshow 
Session 305 Playlist

1. Georgie Porgie, Barbara Tucker- “Love One Another” iAmHouse/MPG
2. Danny Cruz- “Again N Again”
3. Glenn Friscia & Alex Kouros- “I Get I Want” iAmHouse/MPG
4. DJ Luis Santiago- “Friends” iAmHouse/MPG
5. Disco Incorporated- “Roots”
6. Jkriv, Adeline- “Vertigo”
7. Moon Rocket- “Don’t Do It”
8. Kanomarli - So Happy ” iAmHouse/MPG
9. Seductive Soul Feat. Onita Boone-“Ain’t Nobody”
10. Andrea Maggino, Marco Santoro, Brokenears-“Be Strong”
11. Junior Sanchez- “Strong Enough”
12. Jack Back-“Reach For Me”
13. Barbara Tucker- “I Get Lifted”
14. Fresh Ground- “I Don’t Want No Other” iAmHouse/MPG

NUMBER 1 on KINGS & AROUND the WORLD (link below)

Georgie Porgie n BarbaraTucker - Love One Another (Kanomarli Soulful House Mixes)


Chicago House MPG Mixshow 305 - DJ Georgie Porgie - House-Jackin House

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