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Chicago House MPG Mixshow 467 - DJ Luis Santiago (House-Jackin House-Chicago House)



Essential House - Jackin' House - Disco House Heaven

The best weekly house mixshow in the world and broadcast in 20 countries plus on Apple Music and Spotify in addition to being added to the UK's Stomp Radio & Crackers Radio every weekend. This week special guest DJ Luis Santiago delivers the #1 House Mixshow with 16 great tracks.

Brothers In Motion feature twice with “Got To Be There” and “When I’m Feelin U” plus Glenn Friscia's "Sweet Sweet Love" for iAmHouse-MPG. Recommended for all you Kings & Queens of House and Jackin House magic.. Recommended by Kings..

Special Guest DJ Luis Santiago
MPG Radio Mix Show Session 467
Mix Show Playlist

1. Glenn Friscia “Sweet Sweet Love” i Am House/MPG
2. Samo, Danny Cruz- “What A Feeling”
3. BDK-“Let Her Know”
4. Brothers In Motion -“Got To Be There” i Am House/MPG
5. Milk & Sugar, Ron Carroll, Brokenears -“House Dimension”
6. Funkatron, Re-Tide- “Second Choice”
7. Jason Walker- “All To You” i Am House/MPG
8. Federfunk -“Take It To The Top”
9. Kevin Rosa -“No Face” i Am House/MPG
10. Da Funk Junkies- “Make You Feel Good”
11. Bob Sinclar, Steve Edwards, Dj Kone & Marc Palacios- “World Hold On”
12. Georgie Porgie -“Life Goes On (Dj Rocky B Afro House Remix)” i Am House/MPG
13. Robby Ruini, Jonk & Spook -“I Want Your Love”
14. Brothers In Motion- “When I’m Feelin U” Iamhouse/Mpg
15. Milk & Sugar, Paul Gardner, Peyton, Cassimm- “You Can’t From Yourself”
16. Centric House, Micky More & Andy Tee -“Alright, Alright”
Total Time: :1:00:01



Chicago House MPG Mixshow 467 - DJ Luis Santiago (House-Jackin House-Chicago House)

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