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Dan-E-MC & Master Freez - Numero 1 (Moltopop - Molto Sr) Club House - Rap - Hip Hop Pop



Club House - Rap - Hip Hop Pop - Wavs + Mp3s

Dan-E-Mc is the founder of House Machine in Italy, but his artistic name comes from his beginning as DJ and MC in the Hip-Hop scene in Geneva. Master Freez is the legendary Italian rapper that was born in Geneva, like Dan-E-Mc.

This old skool amazing and powerful Soul-Funk & Rap song is the 2nd they are doing together after “Stupid Cupid” (Molto recordings-Universal Music), and it is called “Numero 1” (Molto recordings), based on the real friendship theme, and rapped in 3 languages (English-Italian-French), with movie set for the videoclip at Geneva, Switzerland (where they were both born), Rimini, Italy (where Master Freez lives) and San Pellegrino Terme, Italy (worldwide famous for its sparkling mineral water recognized and drunk all over the world, where Dan-E-Mc lives)...

DAN-E-MC & Master Freez - Numero 1 (Stone Willis French Connection House Mix) - 7A - 124 Clubhouse

DAN-E-MC & Master Freez - Numero 1 (Roberto Albini In The Building Hop Mix) - 6A - 105 Rap - Hip Hop Pop

DAN-E-MC & Master Freez - Numero 1 (Roberto Albini La Dolce Vita Mix) - 8A - 105 Rap - Hip Hop Pop

DAN-E-MC & Master Freez - Numero 1 (Original Mix) - 6A - 105 Rap - Hip Hop Pop

The return of these 2 artists of the Italian black music scene. The true meaning of the real friendship in a soul-funk & rap song. With Italian migration included.

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Wah-wah funky guitars: Michele Gentilini
Song written by: D. Carobbio, D. Bucci, P. Carrez, M. Gentilini, F. Carbonini, O. Ravasio
Film Director: Fernando Crucitti
Locations: Geneva, Switzerland – San Pellegrino Terme, Italy – Rimini, Italy
Song's publishing: (P) 2022 Molto Srl
Record Label: Molto Recordings
Courtesy of: House Machine –

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