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DARIO - Shoulda Stayed (Part 2) Dario Ent (House-Club House-Wavs+Mp3s)

Tracks 30.04.2019 #Billboard Club Chart Promo, #CLUB HOUSE, #ELECTRO HOUSE, #HOUSE, #WAVs + MP3s


REMIXES - HOUSE - CLUB HOUSE - ELECTRO HOUSE - BIG ROOM CLUB - DARIO wants to relay his SINCERE THANKS & GRATITUDE for ALL the LOVE & Positive Feedback on the PART 1 Campaign of his HOT New track, "Shoulda Stayed", from his BRAND NEW album, "ASCENSION", which follows his 2 consecutive Billboard Top 100 Charting albums, "Point Of No Return" and "Alpha"!! The PART 2 Campaign on "Shoulda Stayed" showcases some more impressive remix talents including: SEAN FINN, KLUBJUMPERS X SM2, DIRTY DISCO, CRAIG C., MARAUD3R, PLUS a HOT/NEW EXCLUSIVE mixes from MetroMix (aka JOHN HOHMAN) and DJ ALAN bd!! Be sure to WATCH the HOT/NEW Danny Morris Remix Video (re-edited to the C-ROD Mt. Everest Mix!)! RECOMMENDED by KINGS

DARIO - Shoulda Stayed (MetroMix John Hohman Club Remix 10B - 122 House

DARIO - Shoulda Stayed (Craig Cs Private Seaside House Mix) - 10A - 122 Club House

DARIO - Shoulda Stayed (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) - 10A - 125 Big Room Club

DARIO - Shoulda Stayed (DJ ALAN bd All Fall Down Deep House Mix 9A - 125 Deep House

DARIO - Shoulda Stayed (MARAUD3R Electro Bootleg Mix) - 10A - 128 Electro House

DARIO - Shoulda Stayed (Klubjumpers X SM2 Ext Mix) - 10A - 126 Club Dance

DARIO - Shoulda Stayed (Sean Finn Radio Edit 10A - 121 Club House


Previous mixes still on Kings

DARIO - Shoulda Stayed - D-Ents (House-Piano House-Big Room House-Tech Club)

DARIO - Shoulda Stayed live on Spotify


DARIO - Shoulda Stayed (MetroMix John Hohman Club Remix 10B - 122 House

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