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DDWilde - I Like It Like This - 50ish Music (Future Club R&B)

Tracks 09.02.2020 #APPLE MUSIC, #FUTURE CLUB, #FUTURE RnB, #WAVs + MP3s


FUTURE CLUB R&B - WAV & MP3. DDWilde releases her “I Like It Like This” with a 120 bpm hook filled suggestive and teasing Future Club R & B girl-power anthem to exuberate your shows and sets. Over to you guys and girls to weave your magic. Her father, the master soulman, Eugene Wilde, will be proud.. Thank you for your support, Kings..

DDwilde “I Like It Like This” Girl Power Anthem out on release now. 

DDWilde - I Like It Like This (Fullersound 2448) - 8A - 120 Future Club RnB

50ish Music Group is excited to announce the worldwide release of “I Like It Like This” Ladies Anthem. 

Apple -


DD Wilde, simply called Dee, is from Miami, Florida. Dee, is just as beautiful as she is humble, and abundantly talented. Dee, began singing at the tender age of 4, with her musically gifted “Broomfield” siblings…Vince, Al, Assami, Ben, and dare I mention…the smooth crooner, and the producer of her project, Eugene Wilde.

Quite naturally, Dee’s voice is smooth, pleasant and sweet…yet, she possesses power and control that sets her apart from the mold. With her exceptional talent, excellent work ethic and amazing temperament, she has worked with the who’s, who in the industry…from Chaka-Khan, Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, George Almond, KC and the Sunshine Band, and so many more…dare I not mention, her voice can also be heard on nameless jingles, voice over’s and commercials. Dee, was signed to 4th, Broadway, and Island Records.

Dee went on to record and release the acclaimed album; “No Way Out.” Dee’s, life experiences, through live performances, traveling the world and her impressive studio work, are unparalleled. Her vivacious personality and one-of-a-kind voice are enough to peak your interest. So welcome to Dee’s world…come on in and make yourself at home!


DDWilde - I Like It Like This (Fullersound 2448) - 8A - 120 Future Club RnB

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