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Deltiimo & The Grandkids - Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere (Louca Music) POP POP POP

Tracks 01.07.2019 #SPOTIFY


DROP THE SHARK FOLLOW THE BEE - POP POP POP - I was driving my 7 year old daughter to school one morning through Hyde Park in London and out of nowhere she says "Daddy I hate Bees". I looked at her snack items for lunch and said "you know without Bees you wouldn't have that Apple or that Orange and see those lovely flowers in the park? Well without Bees we wouldn't have any of those things, because Bees pollinate the plants and trees that they grow from". She looked at her fruit and the flowers in the park then said "really Daddy or are you joking again?". "I promise you and Blinky Blonky (her invisible friend) that I am telling you the truth". She looked out of the car window and proclaimed "oh ok then, I love Bees". True story. Please support our Bees :-)

Here’s a catchy kids song that sounds pretty similar to “Baby Shark”. For some of you who read Electro Wow on a daily basis, Gary Louca aka Deltiimo needs no introduction. The British Music Producer with a long career has unleashed the lyric video for “Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere”. First of all, nice visuals accompany this upbeat tune. Those big flashy fonts and its main character, a bee, will invite parents and kids to play karaoke non-stop. Without a doubt, Deltiimo’s quest for global domination continues. With this release he brings something for the home little ones. Watch the lyric video below.

Deltiimo & The Grandkids Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere (Radio Mix - 9B - 110 POP POP POP


Buzzy Bees gets 8 out of 10 review on Broken 8 records Australia 

STEREOBUZZ BRAND NEW: Deltiimo & The Grandkids – Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere.


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Deltiimo & The Grandkids Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere (Radio Mix - 9B - 110 POP POP POP

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