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DJ Georgie Porgie - MPG Chicago Mixshow Session 323 - House-Jackin House



*GOING FOR AIRPLAY NOW* - NEW MIXSHOW - HOUSE - JACKIN HOUSE - DISCO HOUSE - AFRO HOUSE - CLASSIC HOUSE - Georgie Porgie returns with a touch of class this week after Luis Santiago and Tony Cano, to deliver an amazing one hour of great house music from the heartland of house, Chicago, with 14 perfectly blended together tracks especially that 2Lovers " The Funky On Me" monster.. A show that is being broadcast weekly in 20 countries and topping the charts at # 1 around the world. For all Kings and Queens of House Music.. FREE TO AIR ON YOUR STATIONS & IN YOUR LIFE..

Georgie Porgie Mix Show Playlist #323

1. Guri- “No Choice”
2. Matteei & Omich- “Dancer”
3. 2Lovers- “ The Funky On Me”
4. The Potbellez, Mark Maxwell- “Let The Music Do The Work”
5. Georgie Porgie, Barbara Tucker- “Love One Another” iAmHouse/MPG
6. Jack Black, Offaiah - “It Happens” Sometimes
7. Glenn Sweety G Toby, Roland & Brother Rich-“Watch This” iAmHouse/MPG
8. Kanomarli- “Hey” iAmHouse/MPG
9. Block & Crown, Denise Rochelle- “Always There”
10. Lenny Fontana & DJ Alexia- “Love Disco”
11. Nhan Solo, Mark Maxwell- “Jack Is Back”
12. Philip Z, Liva K -”Wishing On A Star”
13. Enrico BSJ Ferrari- “Never Be The Same”
14. Charles Feelgood & Felipe Avelar- “Bebop”

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DJ Georgie Porgie - MPG Chicago Mixshow Session 323 - House-Jackin House

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