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DJ Luis Santiago MPG Radio Mix Show Session 306 (House-Jackin House)

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HOUSE - JACKIN HOUSE - AFRO HOUSE - DISCO HOUSE - DJ Luis Santiago, of Chicago, is the special guest this week for the excellent MPG Radio Mix Show. Featuring 13 superb tracks perfectly blended together for a one hour of essential listening. Free to broadcast on your stations and enjoy personally. Major recommendation from Kings Of Spins..

Special Guest DJ Luis Santiago
MPG Mix Show Playlist #306

1. Kanomarli “CandyStore” iAmHouse/MPG
2. Georgie Porgie - Barbra Tucker “Love One Another” iAmHouse/MPG
3. JKriv, Adeline “Vertigo” Z Records
4. Dj Luis Santiago “Friends” iAmHouse/MPG
5. Danny Cruz “Again N Again” Onako Records
6. Sean McCabe pres Dannis Winston “Rocket Love” Good Vibration Music
7. Kanomarli “So Happy” iAmHouse/MPG
8. Moon Rocket “Don’t Do It” Moon Rocket Music
9. Block & Crown, Scotty Boy “So Good” - Fyasko Music
10. Mark Funk “Let Me Ride” Cruise Music
11. JL & Afterman “Make Me Wanna” Samui Recs
12. House Child “Jumping” iAmHouse
13. Massivedrum “The Bomb 2K17



DJ Luis Santiago - MPG Chicago Mixshow - Session 306 (House-Classic House)

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