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Dress Code - Mistaken Identity EP (Nu Funk - Wavs + MP3s)



NU FUNK - WAVs + MP3s. "Dress Code Unveils Retro-Futuristic Jams On ‘Mistaken Identity’ EP"

Over the last decades, producer and songwriter Dress Code has been actively experimenting with his own style of Funky-Rocktronica. The new EP, ‘Mistaken Identity’ is about stepping outside of the box through retro-futuristic sounds, establishing himself in the underground scene.

Currently based in Dayton, Ohio, Dress Code successfully creates a galactic atmosphere as he delivers an eclectic sonic palette. Most of his tracks feel aggressive, raw, and a bit dark, which is impossible to pass unnoticed.

Above and beyond, transitions are quite surprising as he puts emphasis on a hotchpotch of hard beats, heavy riffs, vocoders, plus, distorted synths that seem to be inspired by a distant future.

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The lyric video for “Mistaken Identity” is a must-watch. He arranges the proper sci-fi feel that encompasses the whole EP.

Once again taking the lead in offering an avant-garde perspective of the essence of his work.

Conversely, the extraordinary level of inventiveness has allowed Derek Holley aka Dress Code to collaborate in different Indie films.

Well, he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. In fact, his upcoming ambitious and visionary projects are still in the oven. So please make sure you follow his socials down here.

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Dress Code "Mistaken Identity" is out now!

Dress Code - Atmosphere - 8A - 120 Nu Funk

Dress Code - Don't Stop - 8A - 115 Nu Funk

Dress Code - In The Dark - 5A - 118 Nu Funk

Dress Code - Mistaken Identity - 9A - 120 Nu Funk

Dress Code - Remote Control - 8B - 118 Nu Funk

Dress Code - Slow Down - 7A - 92 Nu Funk
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Dress Code - Atmosphere - 8A - 120 Nu Funk

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