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DSB & Ike Okani - Limerick Sky (Gilok Music) Dance Country



DANCE COUNTRY - AN EVERGREEN REPEAT PLAY PARTY TRACK - “Limerick Sky” is hypnotic from the first pulsating bars of the intro. A cascading guitar riff offers shimmering invitations to people everywhere; at home, in self-isolation, and then in dance halls, stadiums and arenas to get up and dance.

The song is a testament to passionate encounters, hook ups, and about being lost and in love in the “ruins of the city”. A perfect party track for 2020 beyond.. Gilok Music Company Limited (UK) is proud to present to the world ‘’Limerick Sky”, DSB n Ike Okani’s distinctly country-flavored dance anthem.

DSB & Ike Okani - Limerick Sky (Original Mix - 9B - 112 Dance Country

Artiste Bio: DSB n Ike Okani is a Las Vegas-based electronic dance music project composed of DJ Donut Shop Boi (DSB) and DJ, record producer and songwriter Ike Okani. The duo released “Love Therapy” their debut album, on Okani Worldwide Records (US).

Artiste: DSB n Ike Okani
Track: Limerick Sky (Original Mix)
Writer: Gilbert Okany
Producer: Dr. Ike Okani
Label: Gilok Music Company Limited (UK)
Release Date: June 5, 2020 (Worldwide)

DSB & Ike Okani - Limerick Sky live on Spotify


DSB & Ike Okani - Limerick Sky (Original Mix - 9B - 112 Dance Country

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