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Elsa Li Jones - Secondary Drowning - Future Pop

Tracks 14.10.2018 Future Pop, KINGS RECOMMENDED


HYPNOTIC FUTURE POP WITH A PROFOUND MESSAGE - The amazingly gifted young Swedish artist Elsa Li Jones, who enjoyed a Billboard Club Chart #1 with her Stonebridge produced song "If You Like It", releases a very poignant new recording entitled "Secondary Drowning" which has powerful message on the corporate abuse of young talented artists, actors, DJs etc.

Mixed into a very hypnotic and melodic Future Pop groove by the brilliant Alex (FENIX) from Moscow for a truly international collaboration on an important issue for those of you who have young talent in your world. The video and the artwork created by the talented Elsa reflect the emotionally difficult days some young artists find themselves in, beyond their control. See the personal message from Elsa Li Jones below. Fully supported by Kings fully..

Elsa Li Jones - Secondary Drowning 
(Special Remix 5A - 105 Future Pop)

Elsa Li Jones - Secondary Drowning 
(Special Dub 5A - 105 Future Pop)

Elsa Li Jones - Secondary Drowning 
(Remix Spotify Edit 5A - 105 Future Pop)

Elsa Li Jones - Secondary Drowning 
(Special Radio Dub 5A - 105 Future Pop)

Elsa Li Jones - Secondary Drowning 
(Special Radio Edit 5A - 105 Future Pop)


* The message. "HELP!"
"As a young woman living daily with my Bipolar condition, some days I feel that I am 'drowning' with my emotions going down deep into worry but nobody, my friends or family, can see that I am in trouble, almost as if I am “Secondary Drowning” before their eyes.

I'm not alone, as millions of people around the world are literally drowning in front of our eyes with many different kinds of personal conditions.

Earlier this year the departure of Avicii made me very very sad for him and his family, but it also made think hard that there needs to be a legally recognized organization that young stars can turn to for help when the media and corporations are literally pulling all the oxygen out of the star's life.

An organization that can speak for the young artist especially, to help them navigate the demands put on them. Amy Winehouse needed 'help' too. Amy and Avicii should still be with us today, making music and enjoying their lives.

This is why I'm releasing the song "Secondary Drowning" to 'help' sow a seed for a better understanding of the daily help that people, especially the young, need because music reaches our heart's, a place where all good intentions start from, with love."  Thank you Elsa Li Jones


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Elsa Li Jones - Secondary Drowning (Special Remix 5A - 105 Future Pop)

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