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GAYLE - abcdefu (Atlantic-Arthouse Records) Pop Rock (Explicit)

Tracks 15.01.2022 #APPLE MUSIC, #POP ROCK, #SPOTIFY


MOVE RIGHT ON OVER "I WILL SURVIVE", "YOU OUGHTA KNOW" & "WE ARE NEVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER" - GAYLE is the new Queen of the breakup song now and unlikely to be ousted off the top of the chanteuse charts with "abcdefu".

Destined to be sung on the terraces at sports stadiums towards the opposition and an aggravating anthem for all unrequited, spurned lovers. The song's journey being immortalized this weekend as a No. 1 single in the UK. Let the chants begin "ABCDEFU"..... It's a moment in Pop music. Lazy lovers be afraid, be petrified, even if you're just back from outer space, walking in with that shocked look on your face !!!

GAYLE - abcdefu (Explicit) (E-major-122 bpm) Pop Rock

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GAYLE - abcdefu (E-major-122bpm) Pop Rock (Explicit)

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