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Gene Van Buren - Still LP - GVR Records - Part 2



Gene Van Buren - Still LP - GVR Records (GRAMMY NOMINATIONS)

Gene Van Buren - Still LP - GVR Records

Singer-Songwriter Gene Van Buren got his first big break at Motown Records after being brought to the attention of Barry Gordy by then staff Producer Jimmy Levine and the Grand Lady of Soul Music herself, Mrs. Anna Gordy - Gaye.

He even had to sing A cappella one-on-one with Berry Gordy in his Los Angeles offices in order to prove that the brilliant first tenor voice on the tapes was indeed his. Needless to say, Gene passed the test with flying colors and he was immediately signed to a recording contract with Motown Records. Gene's debut project ("What's Your Pleasure") was soon recorded and released on Motown's prestigious Tamla label, but due to being a new artist behind such giants as Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder, Gene's music was disappointingly pushed to the back of the promotion line. Fast forward to today, and Crooner Gene Van Buren is now signed to Southern California-based GVR Records and Entertainment. The label is headed up by none other than Jimmy Levine, one of the people instrumental in getting Gene his very first deal at Motown.

Gene Van Buren's debut CD for GVR Records is simply titled "Still"; and the music on it could be compared to a fine aged wine. Perhaps it wasn't quite time for the public consumption of Gene Van Buren's artistry during his days at Motown. Maybe that was a only proving ground to test his mettle for many good things to come down the road. Since that time, Gene has toured, written, produced and recorded with the likes of Luther Vandross, Janet Jackson, Rod Stewart, Bette Midler, Lenny Kravitz and many others. Either way it goes, now the vintage is just right and the stage is set for Mr. Van Buren to deliver all that he has...

Still - 8A - 100 - Soul
The One to Blame - 5A - 95 - Soul
Whats Going On - 10B - 90 - Soul
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