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Gia Jade (feat Miss B) - So What - AWJ Music Group (JAZZ)

Tracks 05.10.2018 Jazz, KINGS COOL CUT


KINGS COOL CUT - JAZZ VOCAL - There are recordings in music that become crown jewels. Miles Davis's "So What" is one such recording. Gia Jade and Miss B have embraced this classic and added a totally new dimension to hearing it again, a dimension that brings young ears to the beauty of the music.. Take a moment to listen to these young artists love Jazz, love Jazz so much that the had to be a part of its future. Mile's "Kind Of Blue" album is prized in my personal collection as one of my favourite of all time. I welcome this interpretation as a kiss of appreciation. Recommended by Kings.

Gia Jade ft Miss B - So What - 7A - 140 Jazz Vocal.mp3

Gia Jade ft Miss B - So What - 7A - 140 Jazz Vocal.wav

Release date: September 21, 2018

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Gia Jade - So What - 7A - 140 Jazz Vocal - MP3

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