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Good 2Bad And Hugly - New Town Sound Boy, Vol. 1 - Ruff Kut Recs (Jungle-Grime)

Tracks 27.08.2019 #GRIME, #JUNGLE


JUNGLE - GRIME Release date 27th September 2019, New Town Sound Boy Volume One. Sometimes words to describe artists are overused, not in this case, the original Junglist are back with some conscious dance floor heat, with an E.P. that is both thought provoking while making you to dance. 4 tracks deep of Jungle, D&B, Breakbeat, Bass music pressure, that looks forward while looking back.

1 -Good 2bad and Hugly - Cause It Hurts - 10A - 88 Jungle

In today's climate of tribalism and division Good 2Bad And Hugly take a musical D&B journey of life's pleasures and pain, with some deep rolling baseline and breaks.

2 - Good 2bad and Hugly - Never Give In - 5A - 88 Jungle

Conscious Hardcore Jungle techno with a message, for real.

3 - Good 2bad and Hugly - Skanking - 8B - 151 Jungle

Bringing some original Dark Jungle business into 2019

4 - Good 2bad and Hugly - Brush Dem Off - 8A - 140 Grime 

In life sometime to move forward you need to leave people behind, a commentary of moving forward in life with some 140 B-Line.

Jimmy Ryan AKA Good 2Bad And Hugly was influenced by groups like Shut Up & Dance, The Scientist, 4 Hero, Nightmares on wax, loving the fusion of Hip-Hop, Techno, House, Reggae, and dub. Fast forward to 2019 and the Good 2Bad And Hugly has had a record of the week on Radio One, tracks featured on some classic D&B and Jungle albums. A track used in an Olympics, and tracks played by the likes of DJ Brockie, Kenny Ken, Ray Keith, Jumping Jack Frost, and DJ Bailey.

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Good 2bad and Hugly - Cause It Hurts - 10A - 88 Jungle

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