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Greyshell - Some R Sugar EP - Ocata Recs (Essential Balearic Chillout)

Tracks 27.05.2019 #CHILL OUT, #LOUNGE, **FREE TO BROADCAST**


ESSENTIAL BALEARIC CHILLOUT - Ocata Records are very proud to bring you the debut - Some R Sugar EP - from Greyshell. Four essential, beautifully-crafted, chillout tracks for your sunset, poolside, beach & lounge sets, each track exquisite in its own right. We love Chillout at Kings and tracks like these are exactly the reason why, true Balearic in the spirit of classic Cafe del Mar..

Greyshell - Into The Sea - 4A - 129 (Essential Balearic Chillout)
Into The Sea - A reflection on how the world is always continuing wherever you are not. Dreamy flute meets reggae bass, totally Balearic & simply beautiful.

Greyshell - Eraj3i - 4B - 125 (Essential Balearic Chillout) 
Erja3i - Means come back to me (in Arabic), a song for the lost memories we attach to at great cost.

Greyshell - Amman - 2A - 132 (Essential Balearic Chillout)
Amman - A touch of Jazz with an Eastern flavour, musically rich & played to perfection.

Greyshell - Quiero - 3A - 132 (Essential Balearic Chillout) 
Quiero - Adding an Eastern Latin fusion to this excellent package a blissful finale to this fabulous journey.

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Release date 05.07.2019


Greyshell - Some R Sugar EP live on Traxsource

Some R Sugar EP BliSsfuLly BeAuTiful ChilOuT MuSic now available on pre-order


Greyshell - Into The Sea - 4A - 129 (Essential Balearic Chillout)

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