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Guy Horne - Broken Before - DNMO Remix (Drum n Bass - Electronic Lounge)


DNMO DRUM & BASS REMIX - ELECTRONIC LOUNGE. WAV + MP3. Hot off the heels of his collaborations with Fred V & Lottie Jones on Closer and Wolfy Lights on Bombalaya in the heat of this summer, prodigious music producer and DJ DNMO turns his hand to reimagining Guy Horne’s latest release Broken Before. With Spotify’s editorial team adding Guy’s original version to their Chill Hits playlist that brought it to the attention of eight million followers, DNMO brings his innovative production skills to this new version, fusing dark basslines, ethereal synths seamlessly with Guy’s evocative vocal arrangement and in the process crafting an immersive sonic experience that respects the original’s heartfelt vocal production by 2023 Grammy winning producer Oli Jacobs (Harry Styles, The 1975, Taylor Swift, Charlie XCX, Lana Del Ray). Out now plus streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.


Guy Horne - Broken Before DNMO Remix 11A - 87 bpm Drum & Bass

Guy Horne - Broken Before - Original version - 11A - 92 bpm Electronic Lounge.

Having exploded onto the scene at the age of 16 with his hit remix of Wonder by MOONZz, DNMO then went on to work with Zeds Dead, Kill Paris, KRANE and Sub Urban with each release breaking millions of streams across all major platforms – while as a DJ he was the youngest electronic artist to perform at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre following him being named by both Soundcloud and Billboard Dance as an Artist to Watch on 2018. DNMO continues to push boundaries, leaving an indelible impact on the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, with this reworking of Broken Before, showcasing his prowess in crafting emotionally charged and genre-defying music.

Guy says of DNMO’s reimagining: “It takes the release to a new level, opening up my songwriting to new audiences while still capturing my original intention when I first wrote the track of lyrically encapsulating ideas of vulnerability and trust”.
Born and raised in Manchester, Guy Horne was inspired by the spirit of local luminaries like The Stone Roses and Oasis who were a key motivating factor in him picking up a guitar and becoming a musician before taking further inspiration from Jacob Collier and similar artists.

Alongside a burgeoning music career, Guy also used his business acumen to raise significant sums for an affordable housing scheme creating new homes for over 8,000 vulnerable people across the UK and going on to win Young Property Personality of the Year. An active participant in the spiritual community, Guy’s music embodies themes of love, self-discovery and personal growth – further born out by him performing live at spiritual festivals Medicine Festival and The Wonderment.

Guy spent the early part of this year travelling around South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand with just a backpack and his guitar, during which time he wrote the music he’s now releasing. With his songwriting reaching new heights on each release, Guy Horne is a rising pop talent primed for success and we’d say not to be ignored – but looking at what he’s already achieved in his life, seems he won’t take no for an answer anyway…
Original Mix -



Guy Horne - Broken Before - DNMO Remix 11A - 87 bpm Drum & Bass

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