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Holly Rhoades - Done (Better World Music) RnB Soul



R&B - SOUL - WAVs + MP3s. EXPLICIT & CLEAN MIXES. The UK's rising songstress Holly Rhoades turns in a song of reflective and personal poignancy, as her explanation reveals.  "Every time I write I use it as ‘therapy’ but this song in particular resonates the hardest. It's my most vulnerable song to date where I was in a specific headspace and time in my life where I felt stuck, trapped and part of a game but it was time to cut that cord and "Done". Was my way of doing that."

A few sentences from Holly

"Growing up listening to a mixture of R&B, pop, Jazz and even musical theatre I want to explore all genres and create a sound people like me can enjoy. My aim was to create music that anyone can listen to through headphones for comfort and reassurance that someone else is experiencing something similar. Teenagers/young adults in particular finding themselves and learning who they are-i hope will gravitate towards my music in a sense of empowerment to push them out the dark places, the pain or wherever they may feel and overcome them into the light that is coming. No matter how much I mention my pain, I will always use that continuous theme of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ because it's so important to remember everything happens for a reason.

I was trapped. I grew toxic traits because I love hard. I'm sensitive and my feelings were so deeply connected when I wrote this song. This song is a realistic attempt at showing the mind process of how you experience a breakup; the anger, the doubt and the overcoming. Alot of young adults/teens will be experiencing many failed relationships and can lose hope in love. I felt this. But loving yourself is so much more important to losing someone due to what you think is ‘love’ and 9 times out of 10 it isn’t. It's a lesson. Love yourself first and you will attract those who compliment you. Not someone who projects toxic traits onto you. That is why I was "Done." 

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Holly Rhoades - Done (Original clean mix - 8A - 93 RnB Soul

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