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Jan Daley - Way Of A Woman (The Sound of L.A./Log Recs) Club House-Club Dance-LoFi Beats


CLUB HOUSE - CLUB DANCE - LoFi BEATS - The Way Of A Woman - The Remixes - Jan Daley, recently Inducted into Women Songwriters Hall of Fame, releases a wonderfully emotional new song, “The Way of a Woman”, with remixes from JLG, Romeo's Fault, Temporary Hero, There Is No One But Me plus Calectro. Streaming now on Apple Music and Spotify..


Jan Daley - Way Of A Woman (Calectro Remix) - 8B - 128 Club Dance

Jan Daley - Way Of A Woman (JLG REMIX - 8A - 130 Club House

Jan Daley - Way Of A Woman (Romeo's Fault LoFi Remix) - 7B - 100 LoFi Beats

Jan Daley - Way Of A Woman (Temporary Hero Remix) - 8B - 124 Vocal Club House

Jan Daley - Way Of A Woman (There Is No One But Me Remix) - 8A - 124 Club Dance

Jan Daley’s recent induction into the esteemed Women Songwriters Hall of Fame, honored her exceptional contributions to the music industry as a talented and accomplished artist.
This prestigious recognition coincides with the release of her latest single, “The Way of a Woman,” a deeply poignant and introspective composition.

“The Way of a Woman” explores the intricate complexities and struggles faced by women in relationships, shedding light on the profound pain of infidelity. With lyrics that tug at the heartstrings, the song calls upon society to acknowledge the far-reaching impact of cheating and work towards finding meaningful solutions. Infidelity remains an all-too-common issue that can leave individuals and relationships devastated.

Since its release, “The Way of a Woman” has made an indelible impact in the music industry, swiftly ascending to an impressive #25 position on the Mediabase Mainstream charts, rubbing shoulders with the likes of renowned artists such as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus. Additionally, the song has secured the coveted #4 spot on the Mediabase Independent Adult Contemporary chart, solidifying its position as a powerful and resonant composition.

Furthermore, Jan Daley’s eponymous album, “The Way of a Woman,” has enjoyed remarkable success on the charts. The album’s exceptional jazz compositions propelled it to an impressive two-week reign at the #1 position on the Billboard Jazz chart, showcasing Jan Daley’s versatility and her ability to captivate jazz enthusiasts worldwide. Jan Daley’s induction into the Women Songwriters Hall of Fame solidifies her position as a trailblazing artist, setting a shining example for aspiring musicians and songwriters around the globe.

Her remarkable journey serves as an inspiration, highlighting her exceptional talent and significant impact within the music industry. In addition, exciting projects are on the horizon for Jan Daley and “The Way of a Woman.”

The Way Of A Woman - The Remixes
℗ 2023 The Sound of L.A./Log Records
Released on: 2023-07-14
Main Artist: Jan Daley
Producer: Michael B. Sutton
Composer: Jan Daley



Jan Daley - Way Of A Woman (Calectro Remix) - 8B - 128 Club Dance

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