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Jens Buchert - Cocoon (album) Dimension Music (Electronica-Chill Out-Ambient)



ALBUM - ELECTRONICA - CHILL OUT - AMBIENT - The amazing Jens Buchert releases his latest collection of deeply inspired Ambient, Chill Out, Lounge and Electronica creations. The featured video "Glow" is a great example of the ethereal magic that Jens hears when he wants to make some beautiful immersive music. Recommended by Kings. 

For me, "Cocoon" means creative development and tonal metamorphosis through rest, time, energy and protection in an artistic space“ Jens Buchert

My new album is of course strongly influenced by the current world events, the drastic global changes in the (surrounding) world. Titles like COCOON, WEED COLLECTIVE or MILANO went through radical musical changes over the course of months in the course of their composing. The whole album has "updated" constantly, changed drastically, rotated, moved sound and always took new forms.

COCOON is supposed to give hope, fascinate, pervade and immerse you in a protected inner world.The cocoon, which can also be dark, is the energetic place of change for the power animal butterfly and its transformation. It stands for lightness, joy and change, but also for the vulnerability of nature. Release-date: 2020-04-16

Jens Buchert - Almgeist - 9A - 65 bpm Ambient

Jens Buchert - Cocoon - 10A - 113 bpm Electronica

Jens Buchert - Ektoplasma - 6A - 75 bpm Electronica

Jens Buchert - Five Zero - 5A - 88 bpm Chillout

Jens Buchert - Glow - 5A - 114 bpm Electronica

Jens Buchert - Ground Vibrations - 9B - 94bpm Electronica

Jens Buchert - Lichtwesen - 8A - 100 bpm Electronica

Jens Buchert - Lonesome Robot - 11B - 107 bpm Electronica

Jens Buchert - Lost - 9A - 90 bpm Electronica

Jens Buchert - Luminous - 7A - 90 bpm Chillout

Jens Buchert - Milano - 2A - 118 bpm Ambient

Jens Buchert - Phantasm - 7B - 60 bpm Ambient

Jens Buchert - Squarehead - 5A - 54 bpm Ambient

Jens Buchert - Weed Collective - 7A - 114 bpm Ambient

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Jens Buchert - Almgeist - 9A - 65 bpm Ambient

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