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JES - Tight Wires (Magik Muzik) Future Pop Dance (Wavs+Mp3s+Video)



FUTURE POP DANCE - Multi-award-winning, Grammy-nominated, dance legend, JES reveals her emotionally charged new single, Tight Wires, which is an uplifting, euphoric, candid, and colorful take on how to see the world with gratitude.

Opening with chiming guitars and vocal chops, JES’s unmistakable vocals cut against the beat with a syncopated feel. Rattling drums and flowing synths build through a hook-filled chorus and grow to an explosive release with an anthemic drop that layers emo synth, vocals, and pounding drums. A hypnotizing performance from JES stands out against the emo-tinged backdrop of this emotional rollercoaster.

“Tight Wires is a song I wrote about allowing yourself to see the good in your life. Most of us have so much to be grateful for. Having someone’s belief can burst through those negative feelings we all feel about ourselves. Walking the tight wires we face every day can be daunting, but knowing that someone has your back, can be all the inspiration we need.”

JES - Tight Wires (Extended Mix) - 11B - 105 Future Pop Dance

JES - Tight Wires (Original Mix) - 11B - 105 Future Pop Dance

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JES (Magik Muzik 1393-0)
1. Tight Wires (Extended Mix) (5:29)
Written and composed by J. Brieden and Richard Robson.
Produced and mixed by JES and Richard Robson.
Vocals performed by JES.
Vocals produced by JES and Richard Robson.
Published by Taxigirl Music.
ISRC-code: NL-E71-21-00361
genre: dance
All tracks © 2021 Black Hole Recordings.


JES - Tight Wires (Extended Mix) - 11B - 105 Future Pop Dance

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