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Joe Pellecchia - Going Up - Traktoria (House)

Tracks 06.10.2018 Jackin House


JACKIN HOUSE - CLASSIC DISCO - the world and the USA particularly is struggling with compassion due to the unevolved having way to much influence on our lives, especially those that should be the leading example and shining lights of judicial impartiality - so Joe Pellecchia brings the Eddie Kendricks classic "Going Up In Smoke" back to the dance-floors and airwaves of the world to keep the compassionates marching forward to the inevitable future - a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic population in-tune with people, nature, the oceans and animal kingdoms. Cos if we all don't, then still being on earth by 2118 we won't.. Bravo Joe. 

Joe Pellecchia - Goin' Up (Orig Mix 8A - 124 Jackin House

Written, mixed and produced by Joe Pellecchia
Mastered by Enrico BSJ Ferrari ( aka BLACK LEGEND ) @Take This Studio
Cover-Art by Enrico BSJ Ferrari 
Executive Production by Traktoria Records
A&R Enrico BSJ Ferrari



Joe Pellecchia - Going Up (Original Mix 8A - 124 Jackin House

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