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Jonah – Sssst… Listen (Talla 2XLC Remix) Technoclub Retro! (ZYX Music) TRANCE



TRANCE - There is no alternative to Technoclub Retro for the fans of remixes or reworks of unforgettable trance classics. One of the biggest trance anthems by Jonah aka the legendary Benno De Goeij, Mischa van der Heiden and Piet Bervoets called Ssst Listen! which was licensed in countless compilations worldwide, returns thanks to Talla 2XLC unmissable remix which is destined to blow your socks off.

The track starts with hints from the original version tough bouncy kicks and raw percussions but very soon the full on uplifting sound becomes prominent until to land on the long and teasing breakdown.

The cool vocal demands focus on the huge synthy riff that is slowly coming to the surface along with rough beats then again playful build up towards the euphoric hands in the air climax. With uplifting and crunches of tech trance Talla 2XLC manages to update perfectly the beloved classic ready made for 2022 trance floors. Don't Talk ... Jonah with Ssst Listen remixed by Talla 2XLC is out now on Technoclub Retro.

Jonah - Ssst Listen (Talla 2XLC Extended Remix) - 8A - 138 - Trance

Jonah - Ssst Listen (Talla 2XLC Radio Edit Remix) - 8A - 138 - Trance

Jonah – Sssst… Listen (Talla 2XLC Remix) 

TCR018 / Technoclub Retro!Genre: 2XLC 


Jonah - Ssst Listen (Talla 2XLC Extended Remix) - 8A - 138 Trance

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