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Jordan Cabo Smith - Soldier - Soldier Remix - Lead You Afar (Wavehouse Interactive) Jazzy Soulful RnB


Jazzy Soulful RnB - Wavs + MP3. "Soldier" by Jordan Cabo Smith is a Deep Jazzy Soulful R&B. JCS sings on this track, expressing the emotion through phrased baritone delivery. The words "I'm A Soldier" repeat on the hook and resonate over steady typical soul house kick and snare sounds. The song has extended instrumental breaks in true deep house style, aimed at allowing the listener sink right into the journey or the feeling of the moment. This is just one of JCS's tracks showing his versatility and ability from a musical standpoint, being the writer and producer of this track.

Jordan has previously released a single "Lead You Afar" with remixes of that track underway and more collaborations in the works, JCS seems to be here to stay. Journey into the mind of a survivor as he conveys the feeling of calmness, determination and poise required to survive through it all. He had just lost his studio in to an overwhelming flood in his city, and there was no hope in sight. Soon after, he moved to the US. Out on Spotify and Apple Music now via Horus Music Distribution.


Jordan Cabo Smith - Soldier (Master mix - 10A - 111 Jazzy Soulful RnB

Jordan Cabo Smith - Soldier (ZVP Remix) - 10A - 111 Jazzy Soulful RnB

Jordan Cabo Smith - Lead You Afar (Remix) - 12B - 89 Jazzy Soulful RnB

Check out Jordan Cabo Smith on all social media as @jordancabosmith.
Soldier, Soldier (ZVP Remix), Lead You Afar (Remix) release information.

"Lead You Afar"
Artist/Performer: Jordan Cabo Smith
Composer/Music: Obinna Eze Ajoku
Lyrics: Obinna Eze Ajoku
PRO: Obinna Eze Ajoku (BMI: 01184849316)
Produced by: Jordan Cabo Smith
ISRC: QZPLS2332151
UPN: 197992770605
Apple Music:
Youtube Music:

ISRC: QZNWT2393002
UPN: 197931379197
Apple Music:
Youtube Music:

"Soldier (ZVP Remix)"
ISRC: GB-LLT-23-51337
UPN: 5056192865410
Apple Music:
Youtube Music:



Jordan Cabo Smith - Soldier (Master mix - 10A - 111 Jazzy Soulful RnB

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