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Kanomarli - LaDonna Feel Your Body - iAmHouse(Jackin House-Nu Disco) - KINGS TOP TRACK

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KINGS TOP TRACK - JACKIN HOUSE - NU DISCO - Kanomarli! Kanomarli! Kanomarli! Delivering Heaters! The Summer has started with tremendous amount of heat around the World and Kanomarli will make it that much hotter with their new title “LaDonna Feel Your Body!” This Jackin House/NuDisco track will have your dance floor packed with their hands in the AIR!!! This is a PEAK hour House Anthem!! Again no hype needed just press play! Recommended for all that Love House Music!

Kanomarli - LaDonna Feel Your Body
(Jackin House Mix 4A - 123 Jackin House

Kanomarli - LaDonna Feel Your Body
(Jackin House Radio Mix 4A - 123 Jackin House

Kanomarli - LaDonna Feel Your Body
(Nu Disco Mix 4A - 123 Nu Disco

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Kanomarli on SPOTIFY

Label: i Am House/Music Plant Group
Release # MPIAH 033
Bar Code: 7 82738 1333 2 7
Tracks on release: 3
Promo Date: 7-11-18
Release Date: 7-20-18
Exclusive Date: 
Artist: Kanomarli
Title: “ LaDonna Feel Your Body ”

Executive Producer: George Andros
Produced by Kanomarli (Tony Cano & Reggie Rodgers) & Georgie Porgie.
Engineered and mastered by G. Andros @Vibe Studios, Chicago.
Written by G. Moroder, P. Bellotte, D. Summer
Published by Sunday Music, Rick’s Music Inc. BMI
© & P 2018

1-3 Produced by Kanomarli and Georgie Porgie


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