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Keeana Kee - Shoot Me Up (Music Seed) Tropical-Future Pop



KINGS TOP TOP TIP - TROPICAL FUTURE POP - Keeana Kee is firing herself firmly into 2020 with her brand new record "Shoot Me Up", an immediately infectious delivery of melody and feelings as she pleads with her lover that "she can't breathe anymore" she is losing control of denying her pleasure, that beautiful moment when the heart and body takes over from the mind and the need for release from the intense passion becomes that wonderful expression ‘Shoot Me Up'. It's Keeana Kee's second collaboration with the producer Sergio De Anda in California who has produced her single "You're Real".

Keeana Kee - Shoot Me Up - 1A - 98 Tropical-Future Pop

Keeana Kee was on a road trip from California to Arizona and got inspired by the desert, sandstone mountains and canyons. The lyrics were flowing as she was singing the beautiful melodies of “Shoot Me Up”. The heat was coming through the open window arousing it’s mood. “Shoot Me Up” was born in the desert.

DJ's & Producers Keeana is open for remixes of this song if you are interested to do so on *spec (that the mix is approved by her label management first - email me and I'll forward your details on).
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Keeana Kee

Keeana Kee - Shoot Me Up live on Spotify


Keeana Kee - Shoot Me Up - 1A - 98 Tropical-Future Pop

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