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Kojo - Again (I Would Say Yes To You) Kojosound (Soulful Ballad)


GLOBAL HIT SONG POTENTIAL - Soulful Ballad. The kind of song that in his hey-day Lionel Richie delivered time and time again. They say that there is a love song for every life situation but Kojo has added a new one. The moment to stop everything, look at your lover and declare that you would say yes to the relationship all over again. Yes, even knowing where the journey will go, it’s lowest and highest moments. A song to stop their world and tell them that they may be older, bigger, frailer, and less inclined for youthful instantaneous passion but none of that matters because if given the chance you’d go back to the very beginning and start the love again and again.


Kojo - Again (I Would Say Yes To You) Soulful Ballad

Born in Trinidad, Kojo Rigault, started his singing career with childhood friends he grew up with in his hometown, St Anns. They formed boy band New Creation and went on to appear on Trinidadian TV talent show Party Time. The band became an overnight sensation with its acapella versions of Boys II Men classics like End Of The Road and So Hard To Say Goodbye.

Eventually, the group started writing their own music, and Kojo penned their first single Roll It. The track caught the attention of Eddy Grant, recording their first album at his Blue Wave Studios in Barbados.

Kojo is now a reggae artist working with Urban Angel and has recently collaborated with Alonestar (Jethro Sheeran) to record the song "Keep On Moving”.



Kojo - Again (I Would Say Yes To You) Soulful Ballad

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