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Korvez - Love Of Your Life (Remixes) Billboard Promo - Trance, Moombahton, Pop Dance




Featuring remixes by Yosef Flumeri, Pavel Pro, Elektro Abhijeet Manu, Korvez RIYL.

Music producer Kimon Katafigiotis returns as “Korvez” with his own blend of trance, house and pop song writing.


Korvez - Love of Your Life (feat Eve) Yosef Moombah Remix - 4A - 110 Moombahton

Korvez - Love of Your Life (feat Eve) Korvez Trance Remix - 4A - 127 Trance

Korvez - Love of Your Life (feat Eve) Original Mix 4A - 124 Pop Dance

Kimon spent his college years DJing house parties, frat parties and local NJ alternative music clubs - learning that great beats make people get out on the floor but observing that only great songs make them stay out on the floor.

As a musician, he applied that same understanding to all his recordings and live shows, noting that great music makes people move, but it’s the song that engages them.

Programming backing tracks for the electronic rock band ‘Psonica,’ that he fronted, and his solo work, he learned and grew his technical prowess in electronic music creation.

Later, in the building out of his recording facility ‘The Ultra Scene’, he applied this knowledge and aesthetic to his productions, and productions by many artists tracking and mixing their projects there with his guidance.

On vacation in Europe, he guest DJ’d at a friend’s beach clubs in Athens and Kefalonia. There his love of EDM was rekindled. He came home to write and produce a large batch of work, and from there chose four tracks and released “Gravity Defied” as the introduction to “Korvez”. Guest vocalists Eve Vox, JR Hilcher and Leidy Gallo help the EP come to life with great performances.

Gravity Defied became #1 most added on the NACC Electronic Charts for week of 11/16/18, and charted on many US college and community radio RPM lists.

The follow up “Disco Apocalypse” featured 9 brilliant tracks - bangers and great vocal performances including Billboard charting vocalist Sophia Diaz on “Sea of Light”.

Now re-sharing one of his favorite tracks “Love of Your Life”, with remixes by Yosef Flumeri, Pavel Pro, Elektro Abhijeet Manu, and Korvez.

• Summer 2020 Korvez DJ schedule will be announced soon.


Korvez - Love of Your Life (feat Eve) Yosef Moombah Remix - 4A - 110 Moombahton

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